Parallel Parking Knowledge Test Quiz

One of the possible four manoeuvres that the driving examiner can choose from is the parallel parking manoeuvre, or reverse parking as it’s sometimes referred to.

The parallel parking manoeuvre is often viewed as the most difficult to complete as there’s a high level of accuracy involved. The parallel park does indeed require a good level of accuracy, but you’re also permitted to make adjustments during the test if things go a little off-course – just as you would in real life.

Tutorials and reference points

The quiz is ideal to test yourself after you have read the parallel parking tutorial. The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide for accomplishing this challenging manoeuvre, reference points, but more importantly, all the safety aspects that fail many driving test. If you haven’t yet read the parallel parking / reverse parking tutorial, see:

Parallel parking quiz
Can you pass the parallel parking quiz?

Reference points help many learner to drive. Test manoeuvres benefit significantly from reference points as  they provide an understanding of where the car is in relation to the road and kerb. For further information, see:

Parallel PArking Quiz

Simply read the questions and select which answer you think is correct and press the ‘Check’ button. You’ll immediately be informed whether you selected the correct or incorrect answer.

Parallel Parking Knowledge Test Quiz

Parallel Parking Knowledge Test Quiz


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