Pedestrian Crossing Rules

Although pedestrian crossing rules and regulations for drivers are quite simple, many driving tests are failed because learner drivers fail to anticipate the road ahead correctly, or similarly do not understand the correct rules and procedures of pedestrian crossings.

Whichever driving test centre is chosen, the driving test routes are designed to take the learner through a varied amount of pedestrian crossings. The driving examiners have strict regulations when it comes to pedestrian crossings and many tests are failed due to these. Detailed are the basic rules and laws that should be followed by drivers.

Stopping and parking at pedestrian crossings

A driver or rider of a motorcycle must stop and give way to a pedestrian approaching a Zebra Crossing who has the intention of crossing. Legally speaking, a driver or rider must only stop once a pedestrian has places a single foot onto the carriageway.

Leaving it this late during practical driving test however will result in a failure.

The zigzag lines painted on the road either side of pedestrian crossings are areas where vehicles are not permitted to park. Parking in these areas obstructs the view of the crossing to other drivers and increases the chances of accidents to both drivers and pedestrians.

Strict laws are in place around white zig zag road markings
Strict laws are in place around white zig zag road markings

Vehicles parked within these areas also obscure the view of the road for crossing pedestrians and cyclists on Toucan crossings. Fines are often imposed for those caught parking their vehicle in such areas.

The crossing area of all pedestrian crossings must be kept clear at all times to allow the safe passage of pedestrians. Stopping in this area is hazardous for pedestrians and will certainly fail a driving test. Cameras located on pedestrian crossing may detect vehicles breaking such rules.

A driver is not permitted to overtake another vehicle on a pedestrian crossing. Overtaking a cyclist is permitted.

Gesturing pedestrians at a Zebra Crossing or any other pedestrian crossing to cross should be avoided. Although not illegal, it is generally regarded as unsafe. A pedestrian may take this action as meaning it is safe to cross and is a common cause of accidents. Such gestures, hand or headlight gestures used during a driving test are likely to result in a failure.

All driver must stop at a red light on all pedestrian crossings. Certain crossings have cameras fitting that may detect such offences committed and will result in a fine.

Further information

For further information on the legalities and penalties of stopping on yellow or white zig zag road markings, see:

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