Driving Test Centres

There are around 2000 driving test examiners throughout the UK which are designated to around 380 driving test centres. Some operate part-time, whilst others fulltime.

Each driving test centre has unique driving test routes that are planned by the examiners at that particular test centre. The driving test routes vary considerably depending on where the test centre is situated.

Certain test centres will involve the test being taken over difficult roads, often located in city areas with busy multi-lane roads and roundabouts, while others may be slightly easier. The pass rates for driving test centres in rural areas are often slightly higher. Examiners often incorporate some of the most challenging road in the area.

Statistically, the national pass rate for practical tests taken for all UK driving test centres is almost 47%, so you have a reasonable chance of passing first time.

Find Your Nearest Practical driving test centre

Find your nearest DVSA driving test centre by selecting the letter that starts with your town or city from below.


Which are the best driving test centres

Each driving test centre has a particular driving test pass rate. The pass rate for a particular test centre depends on where it is located. Test centres in busy cities such as London often have lower pass rates compared to those with less traffic density and less complicated roads and traffic systems. Certain driving test centres in rural areas have few traffic systems to contend with, which often results in a higher pass rate. Although it may be slightly beneficial to book a driving test at a test centre with a higher pass rate, it is also important that you are familiar with the driving test routes for that particular test centre.

DVSA driving test centres
Detailed are the UK DVSA driving test centres with tips on passing along with test candidate reviews

choosing your test centre

All test centres have challenging areas of test routes. If you intend on booking a test at a driving test centre outside of your area to take advantage of less traffic and higher pass rates, taking driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor who is familiar with the test routes in that area will prove beneficial. When you have chosen your ideal driving test centre, choosing the best driving test time will gain a higher advantage in passing.

Larger towns and cities may have 2 or more driving test centres. Before booking a driving test, consult your driving instructor for a recommendation on which test centre to choose from. Your instructor will likely be familiar with the various examiners, hazardous roads and routes associated with each test centre and will be able to advise you accordingly on their preferred driving test centre.

Many of the driving test centres listed provide details such as parking availability, disabled access and if toilets are available. Driving test booking information is available for each driving test centre listed. Many of the driving test centres are subject to long test waiting times. Driving test wait times offers information on how to find out the wait time for your test centre and how these waiting times can be reduced.

You may also find that your local driving test centre offers driving tests on Saturdays. Not all do however. If traffic is quieter in your area during a Saturday, it could be worthwhile booking a driving test on a Saturday, although the booking fee for Saturday driving tests is a little higher than weekdays.

You can find out if your driving test centre provides Saturday driving tests when you book your driving test. All methods of driving test centre bookings can be found in the learning to drive section. To find your local driving test centre, find out test centre details or to book a driving test, use the A – Z list at the top of this page.

Driving Test Centre Reviews

Many of the UK driving test centres we have listed have reviews submitted by test candidates who have taken their test. When you have taken your driving test, why not come back and write up a review; good or bad of the test centre where you took your practical.