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  Driving test tutorials for the practical driving test
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Driving test manoeuvres

The practical driving test will involve you taking one of the possible four manoeuvres. Occasionally, time permitting, the examiner may even request two manoeuvres. You will not know which manoeuvres the driving examiner will request, so you need to learn them all.

This section covers in-depth tutorials for all four manoeuvres designed and written by experienced and qualified driving instructors.

The tutorials have every aspect of the manoeuvre covered, including appropriate observations and reference points. It will take time to learn them until proficient, but if followed correctly, you will pass that section of the driving test.

Driving manoeuvre tutorials

The manoeuvre tutorials are written by highly experienced and fully qualified driving instructors. If the tutorials are followed precisely, it will lead to a pass within this section of the driving test.

Learner drivers should start manoeuvres at the earliest point in their driver training that they are capable of doing so. By doing this, manoeuvres should be fluent by the time they reach test standard. A driving test can easily be failed on a manoeuvre. Plenty of practice is required ensuring you are slow, accurate with plenty of observation in order to pass the driving test.

Best cars for manoeuvres

Using a small car although not essential, may prove beneficial whilst attempting a manoeuvre. Using a car that enables you to easily and clearly see all around 360 degrees should also prove beneficial as cyclists and pedestrians are easily spotted. A car that utilises engine management may allow you to move slowly by using the clutch only without the need for the accelerator. This can prove beneficial as it allows you stop quickly as you can place your right foot over the brake and not the accelerator.

Manoeuvre tutorials

Learner drivers are prone to hitting the kerb during test manoeuvres. Recently added is a guide to avoid hitting the kerb and what actions to take if it happens.


Hit the kerb
Learner drivers are often prone to hitting the kerb in driving lessons, on manoeuvres and quite often during a driving test. This tutorial offers reference points to help avoid hitting the kerb and advice during a driving test if you should hit the kerb either during a manoeuvre, whilst parking or whilst driving.