BMW Key Light Dashboard Warning Explained

If you are experiencing key fob issues with your BMW, detailed below are the check control key warning lights along with the messages associated with the fault symbol. These symbols and messages are as follows:

Control unitID codeFixed indicator lightVariable indicator lightCheck Control messageMessage in Central Information Display
CAS38BMW Wrong remote control warning lightWrong remote control!The remote control used does not match the vehicle. Please check.
CAS65BMW charge key fob battery warning lightCharge key/ remote control battery!Battery is automatically recharged in ignition over a longer journey.
CAS66BMW Wrong remote control faulty warning lightRemote control! Engine will not start.Remote control not present or faulty. Engine cannot be started. Refer to Owner's Handbook.
CAS67BMW key fob battery run down replace batteries warning lightRemote control battery discharged.Batteries of remote control with integrated key run down. Replace batteries, see Owner's Handbook.
CAS205BMW remote control not in ignition, do not turn off engine warning lightRemote control! Do not turn off engineRemote control not in ignition. It may be possible that the engine cannot be restarted, therefore do not turn off. Have the problem checked by the nearest BMW Service.
CAS208BMW comfort access deactivated key warning lightComfort access deactivated!Comfort access deactivated!
CAS209BMW remote control key inside vehicle warning lightRemote control inside vehicle!Remote control inside vehicle. Locking/securing the vehicle from outside is not possible. Remove the remote control from the vehicle.
CAS217BMW Remote control not in<br />
proximity of vehicle warning lightNo remote control!Remote control not in proximity of vehicle. Locking/securing not possible. Please carry the remote control on your person.

BMW Key Fob Not Working

If you are having issues with your BMW key fob not working and/or have the key fault light, try these possible solutions:

Replace the Batteries

If your key fob is failing to communicate with the vehicle, particularity if you have Comfort Access, replace the batteries. Comfort Access allows you to open the doors and press the start button all without need to insert keys.

If you do not have spare batteries at hand, start the car by inserting the key into the key slot, or if your BMW has the start/stop button, hold the key fob next to the steering column where there’s a small symbol of a key. Alternatively, your BMW may require you to insert the key fob into a slot or hold the key against the start/stop button.

Try A Different Key

If you don’t have access to new batteries but have a second key, try this. If your original key still fails to work after replacing the batteries, the key fob is faulty.

Intermittent Faults

If your key fob is failing to communicate with the vehicle intermittently, for example if the key warning light comes on with Comfort Access disabled, your fob transmitter and vehicle receiver may be receiving interference from another device such as a phone. Locate the key fob and separate it from any other electrical device.

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