BMW Dashboard Warning Lights

All modern cars have computer systems that monitor the health and functionality of mechanical and electrical systems on the vehicle.

Dashboard warning lights are used to signify a visual command to the driver that there is a problem or that one of the cars utilities is active or has been left on by mistake.

Covered in this section are BMW dashboard warning lights, or malfunction indicator lamps as they might also be known.

Your BMW warning lights may differ from the symbols illustrated here if depending on the year and location of the manufacture.

BMW tend to use more warning symbols on their vehicles than most. The pages below contain most of them and some pages may be divided into more than one.

BMW Mini dashboard warning lights
BMW Mini


This section details the BMW Mini dashboard warning lights along with symbol pictures, what they mean and what BMW recommends you do should a specific light illuminates.

BMW 1 Series Dashboard Warning Lights


This section covers the many BMW 1 Series dashboard warning lights. These warning lights cover many models of the 1 Series. Symbols have also the meaning and in some cases the appropriate action recommended. BMW 1 Series Page 1 | BMW 1 Series Page 2 | BMW Page 3

4 thoughts on “BMW Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. bryan dunthorne

    bmw 1.8 diesel on 18 plate, yellow light on, sayind driveline but ok to drive,

  2. Hi Bryan,
    Did you mean drivetrain? You’ll need a fault code scanner to read stored fault codes. Might be something such as a sensor in the gearbox, but impossible to know until you read those codes.

  3. Matthew

    BMW 1 series 56 plate 1.6 petrol Red service light, its a fan then what looks like DPF filter any help please.

  4. david williams

    On stopping engine clattering from throttle valve. Had checked,was told
    need new valve assembly. Clattering intermittent.
    Started car, dashboard showed “engine drivetrain fault,loss of power”.
    Code 31 also showed. Car did have full power,drives fine.
    Engine fault code 31 then cleared!
    No faults now shown. Any ideas please?

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