ŠKODA Dashboard Warning Lights

By many, it was once considered an embarrassment to own one and the brunt of many jokes. Fast-forward a few decades and ŠKODA is now considered one of the best cars  for reliability, ride quality, running costs and practicality. As good as ŠKODA is, they do like all cars, have their problems.

Almost all modern cars have an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which is essentially a computer that controls and monitors various electrical and mechanical systems around your vehicle. Faults are detected by the use of sensors which are located around the vehicle that relay information to the ECU. The ECU will then trigger a dashboard warning symbol to alert the driver of an issue.

Although dashboard warning lights are universally the same colour system; blue, green, amber and red, certain symbols may be specific to a manufacturer or model of car.

In general, blue and green lights indicate that a utility is active, amber / yellow or orange lights indicate that something requires attention but is non-urgent and red indicates an issue that requires the drivers immediate attention. A red symbol may be hazardous to driver and passenger safety, or may represent potential damage to the vehicle unless immediate action is taken. These are the various dashboard warning lights for ŠKODA cars and their various models.

ŠKODA Octavia dashboard warning lights

ŠKODA Octavia Dashboard Warning Lights

The popular and reliable ŠKODA Octavia doesn’t often have faults, but when it does, there’ll be a dashboard warning light for it. Here we cover the dash symbols and their meanings along with the manufacture solutions.

ŠKODA Fabia Dashboard Warning Lights

ŠKODA Fabia Dashboard Warning Lights

The ŠKODA Fabia was first released in 1999 and is now on its third generation. This section covers the dashboard warning lights, symbols and meanings for the first, second and third generation for the ŠKODA Fabia.


3 thoughts on “ŠKODA Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Eileen W

    I have 2020 octavia lift back. Warning text on dash says: warning at – – – mph cannot understand meaning and can’t delete it.

  2. Hi Eileen,
    I think it’s to do with the speed limiter warning. You can set speeds and you get a warning if you exceed them. If you go into the settings, you should be able to switch it off if you don’t want it.

  3. Krishna

    Steering warning amber red if permanent what would be the potential failure on Octavia 2.0L diesel 2015 model… Electronic steering .. anyone experienced & any useful info to support..

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