Fiat Dashboard Warning Lights

The computer systems in modern day cars monitor various electronics and mechanics of the vehicle to ensure optimum health and operation.

Any issues that the system flags up are displayed to the driver in the form of light symbols displayed on the dashboard, or an audible sound. This section covers the dashboard warning lights of the car manufacturer Fiat.

Light symbols may vary slightly depending on the year that your Fiat was manufactured and in which country.

The severity of any particular issue is often displayed by the colour of the symbol shown on the dashboard.

Red, especially if flashing usually signifies an urgent problem that require immediate attention, whilst yellow being less urgent. Other colours generally signify a utility that has been activated within the car.

Fiat Punto dashboard warning lights
Fiat Punto


This section details the dashboard warning lights of the Fiat Punto. Each dashboard fault symbol has an explanation of its meaning along with the manufacturer’s recommendations of a suitable course of action.

Fiat 500 Dashboard Warning Lights
Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is fast becoming a popular car, but like any vehicle, they have their share of problems. This section details the many dashboard warning light symbols, colours, meanings and remedies for the Fiat 500.

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    what is wrong when a stop sign appears with 2 tires in red on dash how do I get rid of it

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    What is wrong when a triangle and has explanation in the middle

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