Citroen Dashboard Warning Lights

Almost all modern vehicles have computers hidden away that monitor the the electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle.

As with any vehicle manufacturer, Citroen have their fair share of electrical and mechanical faults. Sensors are used throughout their cars, which linked to an on-board computer will trigger a warning to the driver if any faults or errors are found.

Errors and faults are displayed to the driver often via dashboard warning lights, messages or an audible sound. Citroen dashboard warning lights vary in colour from blue and greens which are displayed to the driver to inform of a system or service currently running, amber / orange lights which inform the driver that attention is needed soon, such as a engine service for example. Red lights are used for more urgent situations such as a electrical or mechanical systems failure. Red lights may flash and be accompanied by an audible sound.

Citroen dashboard warning symbols may vary depending on the country of manufacture and the particular model, though in general universal symbols are used on many vehicles.


Citroen C1 Dashboard Warning Lights


The popular and affordable small car, the Citroen C1 is not only economical, but exempt from road tax. Detailed in this section are the dashboard warning lights for the Citroen C1 along with pictures of symbols, colours, an explanation and in some cases, the appropriate action needed.

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  1. Susan roane

    Botton right hand corner of dashboard showing red/orange exclamation mark. What is thus warning me of? Thank you.

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