How to Check Oil on a Ford Mondeo

Based on typical annual mileage of between 7,000 and 12,000 miles, you should check the engine oil in your Ford Mondeo around once every month on average. For those that have higher than average annual mileage, engine oil levels should be checked more frequently.

Though your Ford Mondeo has a dashboard warning light informing you that oil levels are low, it’s best to avoid allowing levels to fall this low and to make frequent checks. Driving with insufficient oil levels can cause engine damage and will typically not be covered under warranty.

This guide explains how to check engine oil on a Ford Mondeo.

  1. For accurate oil level readings, ensure your car is parked on a level ground.
  2. Ideally check oil levels before a journey when the engine is cold. If checking after a journey and for an accurate reading, turn off the engine and wait 10 minutes for the oil to drain into the oil pan.
  3. Locate the dipstick 2. The specific location of the dipstick varies depending on the model of your Mondeo. Look for a yellow loop located reasonably close to the centre of the engine. Give the dipstick a good tug to remove it all the way out from the engine.
  4. Wipe the end of the dipstick clean with a lint free cloth and replace it again fully into the engine. Once again remove the dipstick and check oil levels on the end of the dipstick.
  5. Oil levels should fall between the minimum and maximum markers on the dipstick. See below for a selection of Ford Mondeo dipsticks if unsure. If the oil level is edging towards the minimum marker, top up with engine oil.
  6. Remove the engine oil cap 1 and pour in engine oil. It’s important that you do not overfill with engine oil. Top up in small increments whilst making frequent checks on the dipstick until oil level reaches the maximum marker.
  7. Firmly replace the oil cap and securely replace the dipstick. That’s it, you’re all done.
Ford Mondeo engine oil cap and dipstick
Locate the engine oil cap and the dipstick

Ford Mondeo Dipstick

If you are unsure where the minimum and maximum oil level markers are on your dipstick, see if yours is listed below. The diagram of the various dipsticks shows:

Ford Mondeo engine oil dipstick minimum / maximum markers
Ford Mondeo engine oil dipstick minimum / maximum markers
  • A – minimum level
  • B – maximum level

It’s important that you keep engine oil levels between the minimum and maximum markers on the dipstick. Both insufficient oil or overfilling with excessive oil can damage the engine.

1 Ford Mondeo 1.0L Ecoboost
2 Ford Mondeo 2.0L Ecoboost
3 Ford Mondeo 1.5L Ecoboost
4 Ford Mondeo 2.5L
5 Ford Mondeo 1.5 TDCI Diesel
6 Ford Mondeo 2.0L Diesel
7 Ford Mondeo 1.6L Diesel

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