How to Reset Ford Focus Tyre Pressure Warning Light

The tyre pressure warning light illuminates on the Ford Focus often due to tyre pressure falling 25% or more below the threshold allowance in one or more tyres. Before resetting the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), check pressure in all tyres including the spare if you have one.

If the tyre pressure light comes on particularity when it’s cold, this is because air pressure is lower when cold and once the tyre has warmed, the light should go out. To stop the warning light coming on, add a little air to the tyres, being careful not to over-inflate.

If you have checked pressures and they are correct, but the light still illuminates, you may have a faulty pressure sensor, or a dead battery in one of the pressure sensor modules. If this is the case, the entire unit within the tyre will need to be replaced.

In order to reset the tyre pressure warning light in the Ford Focus, you’ll need to use the navigation buttons on the steering wheel and follow the menu on the display screen.

How to reset the Ford Focus tyre pressure warning light
Use the navigation buttons to reset the Ford Focus tyre pressure light

To reset the tyre pressure light on your Ford Focus, follow these instructions:

  1. Press the up / down arrow buttons to scroll through the menu to highlight Settings and press OK.
  2. Scroll through to Driver Assist and press OK.
  3. Scroll down to Tyre Monitor and press OK.
  4. Now press and hold OK.
  5. Keep the OK button pressed down and wait for the message: ‘Tyre Pressure Stored‘.

Tyre Pressure Warning Light Reset Alternative Method

If the above method does not work and you have no other faults, or you do not have the option for the above method, you can try this alternative method.

  1. Turn the ignition to the ON position.
  2. Quickly push the hazard warning light button 6 times within 5 seconds until you hear the horn sound.
  3. The console screen will now display the message ‘Train left front tyre‘. Now slowly deflate the left front tyre until you hear the horn sound.
  4. Slowly deflate air from the right front tyre until you hear the horn sound.
  5. Slowly deflate air from the rear right tyre until you hear the horn sound.
  6. Slowly deflate air from the rear left tyre until you hear the horn sound.
  7. A message on the console screen saying: ‘Training complete’ should now appear.
  8. The tyre pressure monitoring system and light will now be reset. Now inflate all tyre back up to the recommended tyre pressure.

The tyre pressure monitoring system will now have been reset on the Ford Focus and the warning light should go out. If the light continues to come on, check for a tyre leak or possible fault with a TPMS in one of the tyres. For further help regarding the TPMS, see tyre pressure light keeps coming on.

11 thoughts on “How to Reset Ford Focus Tyre Pressure Warning Light”

  1. Dave

    I tried to press the button like you said but I can not get it to work. my son has a 2015 focus se hatch.

  2. Juan

    How can I get the settings i don’t know how I got a Ford Focus 2012

  3. Dave

    How can I turn this faulty system off?

  4. Diamond

    Thank you, very simple process. The light was coming up and it was so annoying, now its gone thanks to you. Happy days.

  5. Wytze

    Thanks man, that saved the day (method 1)!

  6. Juan B Rodriguez

    I have a 2011 Ford Focus SES. The tire pressure warning light is on since I bought it (the car is used). I took it to a tire shop and they checked all TPMS’ and reset the system, to include the horn sounding every time they place the meter/interrogating signal device to the tire. As soon as it was done the warning light came on again. I’ve would like to know where is the receiving antenna, and how to resolve this matter. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I know that if I take it to the dealership it will be a very costly affair, and I am trying to avoid that since I already invested on this vehicle large amount. Thank you before hand for your candid support with this matter.

  7. Malcolm Ball

    I have a Ford focus 2016 1.6 roughly every 10 to 12 miles a message comes up tire monitor sensor not detected apart from going for to a full dealer canis be sorted thank you

  8. Hi Malcolm
    This message often comes up due to a tire being fitted that doesn’t contain a sensor, such as the spare tire. A battery in one of the sensors has expired, tire sensors have not been fitted properly or at all after having new tires fitted, or a sensor is damaged. It’s not too uncommon for sensors to be damaged by tires fitters.

  9. Kevin

    Doesn’t work on a 2012 (European) Focus. There’s is no “Settings” option available in the menu. HW BM5T-14C226 AE, I believe this is the latest

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