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Practical driving tests can be booked and taken at any of the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving test centres, regardless of where you live or the address displayed your driving licence.

Don’t forget to take along your driving licence – this includes the plastic card (and the paper counterpart if you were originally issued one) to your test centre booking date as it is likely you will be refused access to take the test and you will lose your test booking fee if you forget it.

Although not as essential as taking your licence, if possible, also take along your theory test pass certificate and email confirmation for your practical test booking date and time.

Taking these along to your driving test booking appointment should help to resolve any complications should they arise.


To book a driving test you will need to have passed your theory test and have at hand your:

  • Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence number
  • credit or debit card
Book driving test
Book your driving test using the official government website

How do I book a driving test

Two methods are available for booking a driving test. You have a choice of booking the test by telephone or the more popular option of booking online.

Book a driving test by telephone
To book a driving test by telephone, call the automated DVSA telephone service on 0300 200 1122. Although this is an automated service, a DVSA representative can be reached by following the options provided if you require assistance. You are able to book a driving test by telephone between the hours of 8am and 12pm.

Book a driving test online
To book a driving test online, visit the DVSA online booking service. Booking a driving test online can be completed via desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices.

What will I be asked when booking a driving test

You will be asked a series of questions to provide information. The questions you will be required to answer are:

  • the type of test you wish to take (for example car, motorbike etc.)
  • your driving licence details
  • the test centre you wish to take your test at
  • the time and date you wish to book a driving test
  • your details
  • credit or debit card details

How long does it take to book a driving test

It takes around 15 minutes to book a driving test by either telephone or online booking. Ensure you have your Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence number and credit or debit card at hand.

How long do i have to wait for a driving test

How long you have to wait for a driving test depends on the time of year as certain times are busier than others and also your choice of test centre. Test centres located in areas of high density of people tend to be busier and have longer driving test waiting times. Typical waiting times are from one to eight weeks. To reduce this time, you can either choose a test centre with a short waiting time or take a cancellation slot from a previous booking made by another individual.

Can I change my driving test time and date

You can change the time and date of your driving test. To change your test date, you must allow at least three working days notice. Saturdays are classed as a working day. You will be unable to change your driving test date unless the applicable notice is provided. You can change your appointment 6 times – after that you’ll have to cancel your test and book a new one.

Can I cancel my driving test

You can cancel your driving test and claim a full refund providing you allow at least three clear working days notice. Saturdays are classed as a working day. You will not be able to claim a refund unless the applicable notice is provided.

Failed driving test how long to retake

If you were unfortunate enough to fail your driving test, you will need to wait a minimum of 10 clear working days before you can sit another test. You may however book another driving the same day if you wish.

Book a practical driving test in Northern Ireland

You can book a Northern Ireland practical driving test for car, motorcycle or moped online. You will need:

  • a valid credit or debit card
  • your driving licence number which is on your driving licence
  • your date of birth

If any special requirements or disabilities are applicable, you cannot use the online service to book a practical driving test. Instead, please telephone to book a test on 0845 247 2472 from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday. Alternatively, you can call into your local test centre. To book a practical driving test in Northern Ireland, please visit the online booking form.

Where to book a driving test

Booking a driving test must be done via the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and not through the test centres directly. Test centres should only be contacted to establish if a driving test is going ahead due to bad weather and not for making driving test bookings.

47 thoughts on “Book a Driving Test”

  1. John Rees

    I’ve book a practical driving test on 28th August which is a bank holiday. Just checking that tests will be done on that day.
    Thank you

  2. Hi John,
    It depends on the test centre as they all have different schedules. The best thing to do is to check online to ensure your test booking is in the DVSA system. Please see:
    Check driving test date.

  3. Alex gibbo

    Are u able to do tractor driving tests?

  4. kai chase-meares

    I’ve booked a driving test for the first available date which is the 2nd of january, but could really do with getting one earlier than that, if there is a cancellation can I take that space.

  5. coral buchanan

    Can I book 2 driving test dates 10 days apart, just incase I fail the first one. I could then cancel the 2nd one if I pass first time, this would cut down my waiting time,

  6. Bhagya Seenappa

    Reigate driving test centre is not available to book – is it closed??

  7. Hello Bhagya,

    The last day of operation for Reigate Test Centre is 22/06/2018. So the reason you cannot book is because all test slots have been filled till that date (unless a cancellation is made). Until another test centre is found, the closest to book your test is at Crawley Driving Test Centre.

  8. Michelle Renton

    My partner has to take the extended test and it comes up lanark does that so I need to check they definitely do before booking


  9. Hi Michelle,
    If the DVSA test booking system has come up with Lanark for the extended driving test, then they will provide it. Most test centres offer extended driving tests, but sometimes they might not have any slots available on the system so you would need to get in touch with DVSA Customer Support to arrange something.

  10. Sophie

    Impossible to book a driving test in Trowbridge, all dates unavailable until December 2020???

  11. Hi Sophie,
    The DVSA release new test dates in batches and there’s also booking cancellations that become available. So it’s best to keep checking back.

  12. Jeanette Cross

    hi there
    Iv got my test on 28th October, can I log in to find my details as I book it over two months ago

  13. Robert Nesbitt

    My son has been trying to rebook his test at Merthyr all morning is there a problem with that part of the system as it doesn’t appear to be functioning properly?

  14. Hi Robert,
    Due to so many driving tests being cancelled because of Corona virus, the DVSA still hasn’t managed to re-book all driving tests for those that were cancelled, let alone take on new test bookings. That and the fact that not all driving examiners are back to work has meant there’s a huge backlog in test bookings to get through. This is likely to continue into next year unless the DVSA hire additional examiners and testing facilities.

  15. .razvan sararu

    Hi I.,m Raz from Torrington, my instructor take money I have made 60 hours and I want to book my self a driving practical test in my area. It is possible to use a test center car for my test? I can book for tomorrow on 8 am. As the test will restart. But I will need a car. Thank you very much

  16. Hi Raz,
    Practical driving test centres do not provide cars to test candidates, so you’ll need to source your own vehicle. You can hire a car providing it has dual controls or you can pay a driving instructor to use theirs, or you can borrow a car from a family member or friend. If you borrow a car from a family member or friend, you’ll need to ensure it is insured for you to drive on your test and if applicable, that it’s taxed and has a valid MOT.

  17. Mohammad

    Can I book a driving test now

  18. Joanne

    Hi I waited in the que for 5 hours today to be told at the end of it there was no available dates for Kettering, is there any way I can check the dates that are available so not to waste my time again.

  19. Hi Joanne.
    No, that means there are no tests available for that test centre for the next 6 weeks. All the slots for that test centre had been taken by people in the queue before you. You could consider an alternative test centre, but most will also be fully booked. Six weeks is currently the maximum amount of time ahead that the DVSA are taking test bookings. From September 14, the DVSA are extending this time to 18 weeks ahead which will add an additional 375,000 test appointments to be booked.

  20. Leslie

    I live in Glasgow, am an American who has driven for over 30 years in US and South Africa … I would like to pass the driving test, but because of Covid it is hard to get an appointment. Is it possible to go to Kirkwall and take the test? I want to visit the Orkneys so this would give me a chance to do two things at once 🙂

  21. Hi Leslie, Yes. You can book a driving test a whichever UK test centre you like. It doesn’t have to be your local one.

  22. Irena

    do you have Russian speaking examiners at your driving center?

  23. Hi Irena
    No Russian I’m afraid. Driving tests can only be taken with an English or Welsh (in Wales) examiner.

  24. Jurga

    I had to book myself for different test centre because Bromley ( London) looks like out of time slots for next 4 month in advance . Can I change test centre in case the will be available dates for the one I want?

  25. Natasha

    Hi just wanted to ask what dates are available to book currently. Also can I book my practical over the phone ?
    What details do I need to give them in order to book?

  26. Hi Natasha,
    To book a driving test, you’ll need to do it online using the links at the top of this page. When booking online, the available dates will be displayed to you up to 18 weeks ahead. The details you need are your UK driving licence number, a valid credit or debit card so that you can pay and if you want your driving instructor to go with you and to check if they’re available, their personal reference number (PRN). It’s not mandatory to fill out your instructor’s PRN, you can leave it blank if you wish.

  27. Natasha

    Okay but do we need to give theory pass certificate at the time of booking or bring at the time of test?

  28. Hi Natasha,
    You should take it along with your provisional driving licence to your driving test.

  29. Jac

    Do Saturdays count in the 10 working days to resit a test? Would the DVSA website let me book a test before the 10 days were finished? Failed on 3rd December 20 and re-booked for 16th but not sure if I’m too early

  30. luke

    hello I have been taking lessons for over a year now and I have passed my theory, but i cant book a test in Norfolk because there seem to be none available for the rest off 2021 going into 2020 what can i do to book a test…

  31. Hi Luke,
    More tests will become availble. The DVSA will be recruiting additional examiners to try and reduce the backlog of tests. So it’s simply a case of keep checking.

  32. Leo Garvey

    Hi, my name is Leo and I have been doing lessons since January. I passed my theory test and now I’m just waiting on my practical test. I was wondering when more test will be available and at what time.

  33. Zeinab Hendawi

    Hi, I have already passed my theory test end of September 2021 and when I tried to book my driving test, there are no dates available at all. I check everyday many times, What should I do? I have kids to drop to school everyday!! I really hope to hear from you a favorable reply soon?

  34. Zeinab Hendawi

    I called the automated DVSA telephone service on 0300 200 1122 and waited on the line for nearly an hour but nobody answer my call at the end

  35. Hello Zeinab,
    It’s really difficult at the moment and the DVSA don’t seem to be making things much easier for anyone. All I can suggest is to use a phone app (look on your app store). These apps can alert you when a driving test slot becomes available for your area.

  36. Zeinab Hendawi

    I can not seem to find any available dates to book at all and the Apps are useful to use if you have already a booking and you want to change it to an earlier date. Could you PLEASE advise me how can I securely book any date for next year? I can not believe that there is no dates available online at all!!!!!!

  37. Hi Zeinab,
    Yes, I know it’s annoying and many others are having the same issue. The DVSA do release new test dates in batches, so all I can say is to check regularly. Not much help, but that’s all you can do I’m afraid.

  38. Jay

    Thank you for this it is very informative and you are very helpful

  39. Julia

    I’ve been trying several times to book online for my practical driving test in Bedford, but there are no dates at all for the Bedford or surrounding area. Would it be easier to try by phone tomorrow or can you suggest something else. I don’t want to do my test anywhere other than Bedford as I get nervous very easily and would rather do it somewhere I am familiar with myself.
    Thanks. Julia

  40. Hi Julia,
    The DVSA release new test dates in batches. It’s a case of keep checking I’m afraid. Calling them will not make any difference.

  41. Owen


    I’m trying to book a driving test in Newry but the only dates available are only a few days ahead, it’s not possible to book a date next month etc. Is this how the booking system works? Thanks

  42. Hi Owen,
    The DVSA release new test dates in batches, so keep checking, then you’ll notice many more dates appearing soon.

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