Will I Pass My Driving Test Quiz

The question that all learner drivers would like to know is of course ‘Will I pass my driving test?’ So what better than to go through the Will I pass my driving test quiz.

Ok, so it’s not going to tell you if you are going to pass or fail. There’s so many variables for the practical driving test that can determine a pass or fail, but what this quiz will do is to test your knowledge on a few more obscure situations that can easily fail a driving test.

In fact, the quiz is based around many of the common reasons for driving test failures each and every year with many of them being in the DVSA top 10 reasons for failure.

Simply run through the practical driving test quiz, choose your answer and select the ‘Check’ button to see if you have selected the correct answer. Then continue with the next question.

Am I ready for the driving test? let’s go! Hit the start quiz button below to answer 18 questions.

Practical Driving Test Quiz

A quiz that determines if you are ready to take the UK practical driving test.

Top 10 Driving Test Failures

Once you have completed the driving test quiz, check out the UK top 10 driving test failures from the year 2006 to 2017, based on all practical test centres combined. Data comprised on a yearly basis.

Will I pass the Driving Test Quiz
Did you pass the driving test quiz?

The statistics might surprise you. Nothing much has changed over the years. If you have yet to take your practical driving test, hopefully you’ll become one of the driving test pass rate statistics.

Quizzes to Help You Pass the Driving Test

At the Start of the driving test, you’ll need to answer the Show Me Tell Me questions which are full detailed on the Show Me Tell Me page along with all the answers. There’s also a quiz to test your knowledge on these questions.

9 thoughts on “Will I Pass My Driving Test Quiz”

  1. Lissett

    Thank you this has help me I will pass my test

  2. Miles Jolly

    higher than average
    My test is on Wednesday so I’m brushing up on some things.

  3. Miles Jolly

    Thank you
    I’m feeling quite confident now, I’ve done some driving with my dad yesterday and today which was definitely really helpful.

  4. Rey

    Rey i pass my driving test years back, i just check if i still a good driver i score 83.33 so higher than average

  5. Bob

    100%, already passed my test just did it for fun 😂

  6. A car of mass 2000kg starts from rest as some traffic lights. After travelling 400m the car’s speed is 12m/s. A constant resistance of 500N acts on the car. Calculate the driving force, which can be assumed to be constant.

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