Change Driving Test Time and Date

You are entitled to change a UK practical driving test date free of charge to either a later date or an earlier date than your current practical driving test date if one is available.

By frequently checking the availability of earlier driving test dates, a short notice test may become available. You should make sure however that you either have a suitable car ready for a short notice test or that your driving instructor can accommodate this new date for you.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) may ask you for your driving instructors reference number when changing a driving test date. You can still change your test date if you do not know this information.


You can change a driving test date booking from any UK practical test centre by using the information on this page. You cannot change a driving test date by contacting test centres directly.

Change your driving test date or time button
Use the official government website to change your driving test date or time

How much notice to change driving test

Three working days’ notice including Saturdays is required to change a driving test date. If you are not able to provide sufficient notice, you will need to cancel your driving test and lose the test fee and then re-book it.

How many times can you change driving test date

You are entitled to change the driving test date up to three times. If you need to change the date of your practical driving test more than three times, you will need to cancel your test before you will be able to make any changes to the dates or times.

Providing you allow a minimum of three clear working days’ notice (including Saturdays) you will get a full refund when cancelling the test.

Change driving test online

To change the practical driving test booking date, you need two of these three details:

  • your valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving licence number
  • your application reference number
  • your theory test pass certificate number

Online Form

To change your driving test date or time, visit the DVSA online form ensuring you have all applicable information at hand.

Change driving test date by phone

If you experience any problems when changing the driving test date online, you can also change the driving test date by telephone. Ensure you have the applicable information at hand and call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. If you are experiencing problems changing your driving test date or time, you may speak to a DVSA member of staff.

If you need to speak to a member of the DVSA staff, listen to the options provided to be put through. Opening times are from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday and long delays can be experienced at certain times of the day.

Emailing the DVSA

You may also e-mail the DVSA. It may take a few days before a response is made. Please include in your email two of the three pieces of information listed above to confirm your identity.

Change a practical driving test in Northern Ireland

You can change your practical driving test appointment online to provided you give three clear working days’ notice. To change a practical driving test in Northern Ireland, please visit the online form. Alternatively, to change your Northern Ireland driving test by telephone, call 0845 2472 472

9 thoughts on “Change Driving Test Time and Date”

  1. Justas Zalkauskas

    i have a test booked for 25 october 12:05 if there are any test can you rebook me for september if any september test opens up in NI Cookstown

  2. Hello Justas,
    We don’t book tests. You either need to book the test yourself, ask your instructor to do it, or there are phone apps that can also do this.

  3. Reuben Day

    I have a test booked for 13th October if anyone is willing to swap my test date with a test date they’ve got in a couple of months time I would be relieved! Message me ASAP!

  4. Yakov

    Hi I have a driving test on the 11th of August and will not be able to attend so I would like to swap with someone for a test in the winter

  5. Csilla

    Hello there,

    I had my driving test book in October. However, my instructor changed the date of my test to December without any permission. Is this right? How is my driving instructor able to change the date?

  6. Hello Csilla,
    Obviously your driving instructor has access to your driving licence details. If you hadn’t given the instructor consent to make changes, they should have consulted with you before changing the date.

  7. Trevor

    Looking for a driving test at the end of March in Farnborough

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