Driving Test Centre Reviews

Detailed in this section are reviews for practical driving test centres and DVSA / Pearson Professional theory test centres by test candidates. This section provides reviews all UK test centres and theory test centres. Specific test centre reviews will also appear on their individual page.

Once you have taken your practical test or theory test, you may submit your own review. Please note however; names or inappropriate language may be edited or removed.

Practical Driving Test Centre and Theory Test Centre Reviews

 by Unknown on 

Very bad experience with bloody examiner Tony today. He just terminated my test for silly reason. I was asked to do reverse park in the beginning, I was doing reversing bit close to the fence, I didn’t bang it. My poor instructor was concerned about his car and told me don’t hit the fence. That’s all Mr Tony was very upset and did terminate the test. Both toilets not working, I had almost 3 hrs practice lesson with full bladder . Tony asked me to hold it idiot. No humanity at all.

 by Chloe on 

Debbie was extremely impolite from the moment I spoke to her. She made no effort to make a conversation to make me feel at ease except from making a patronising comment about my manoeuvre. Gave me a minor for hesitation as I was pulling out even though there were several cars going about 30mph- not sure if she wanted me to crash head first into them. Again when I was stopping for pedestrians who were mid crossing the road she gave me a minor for heavy breaking- not sure if she wanted me to crash into them as well. Made me follow the satnav for majority of the test probably because she is incapable of giving directions as would involve telling me to drive into a car/person. It was my first test so obviously I am going to be nervous and therefore more cautious but seemed like she was giving out faults for the sake of it. Hopefully nobody gets her because she’s not nice at all- especially if you are a young girl.

 by Ella Hilton on 

Excellent driving instructor, highly recommend, Phil has been extremely supportive throughout the process of learning to drive and has helped me to gain confidence in varied situations by being patient and positive. He also created simple and effective procedures in order to help me to understand how to approach different circumstances when driving and this ensured a first time pass. Thank you Phil.

 by Yim on 

I know I must have done something wrong to fail, but even before I set off, the instructor said my photo was a mess, I looked ill and my hair was a mess. That was from a woman. What kind of people are these. Down right rude , disrespectful and insulting.

Bury Manchester Driving Test Centre Review

 by Kash on 

I failed twice first time my examiner Kaven he nice guy but that time my fault bit nervous second time good rideing. Still failed now third time I hope fingers crossed

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