Driving Test Centre Reviews

Detailed in this section are reviews for practical driving test centres and DVSA / Pearson Professional theory test centres by test candidates. This section provides reviews all UK test centres and theory test centres. Specific test centre reviews will also appear on their individual page.

Once you have taken your practical test or theory test, you may submit your own review. Please note however; names or inappropriate language may be edited or removed.

Practical Driving Test Centre and Theory Test Centre Reviews

 by anonymous on 

Kaur examiner in Chertsey has a problem. Not sure if she qualified enough to understand and access a persons driving. I would request for some action against this woman as this is not a fair game where she is not accessing a candidates driving skills but is only trying to fail you! Since first time she failed me for no major faults, so I told her it wasn't fair, which she remembered when I went back the 2nd time(I thought she had forgotten when she was becoming too friendly and told me very nice to meet you 'thrice'!!!) Little did I know she means to say I'm going to fail no matter how well you drive without any faults!!
Candidates need to get a fair chance to pass!

 by Andar on 

I pass my practical test at the Cheetham Hill Test Centre at was great everything was perfect all examiner work very hard specially (Mr Kevin). I know if someone fails the test, will feel very upset, but it means we made some mistakes which need to be improved. We should not blame the examiner because it’s about ours, our family and the community’s safety special thanks to Mr Kevin. I know maybe some of you will disagree with me, but I failed also first time I can understand you, but I listen to the examiner comments and I have improved
Best wishes and never ever give up

 by Jade on 

Passed with 5 minors, I had Ian, made me feel really comfortable and saw my potential even though I made a few mistakes, really good test compared to ones I had previously!!

 by Anonymous on 

Matt is the worst examiners to ever exist, absolutely rude even before the test even started. It was like as if he didn’t even wanted to be there even though it is his job and he’s getting paid. I really do think that these types of examiners don’t even deserve this job because it really does put people off. Failing isn’t even what makes people angry or upset it’s the fact some examiners like Matt don’t know how to talk like normal humans and in a nice matter, it’s like they’ve never been taught manners and respect.

 by Hadi on 

The routes are different and difficult specially if you are doing it at rush hours. The examinar are straight but professional.

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