Driving Test Centre Reviews

Detailed in this section are reviews for practical driving test centres and DVSA / Pearson Professional theory test centres by test candidates. This section provides reviews all UK test centres and theory test centres. Specific test centre reviews will also appear on their individual page.

Once you have taken your practical test or theory test, you may submit your own review. Please note however; names or inappropriate language may be edited or removed.

Practical Driving Test Centre and Theory Test Centre Reviews

 by Lily on 

Assessor made unecessary comments at the end of my test

 by jess on 

DO NOT GO TO THIS TEST CENTRE! I had a very rude examiner who grabbed my wheel when everything was running smoothly.. she claimed I was about to go into a parked van however I had already half passed this van and have never had a trouble with this before in any of my driving lessons. She was very rude and was acting very rushed!! Will be using a different test centre from now on

 by Steve on 

If you ever get an instructor named roger a white british guy trust me you are destined to fail. He will fail you for going slow once or twice just pray you never see this guy he is terrible trust me. For example when on the roundabout turning right as i was exiting with the indicator on the plonker tells me to go back to road we just came out of last minute making me endager the cars exiting same way as me. F that guy

 by Jj on 

Had my first and second test with matty, couldnt have got a better examiner. Top fella all around, makes you feel at ease

 by Ali E on 

Difficult route but if you can drive well, you'll pass. Had a van pull out in front of me and old man walk out in front of the car right at the end but i passed first time with 2 minors. 2 to 3pm seems to be the best times. Examiner was a lovely quiet man called Richard.

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