Citroen C1 Dashboard Warning Lights

As our cars electrical and mechanical systems gain in complexity, so does the potential for failure. Fortunately Citroen C1 dashboard warning lights are used to tell us what went wrong.

Sensors located around the vehicle are linked up to an on-board computer that consistently monitor the health of vehicle electrics and mechanics. Your Citroen C1 will display a dashboard symbol to inform you of a system that is currently running (blue and green lights), a service that is inactive, has a fault, or requires attention soon (amber / orange), or more urgent system failure that could be hazardous to the driver or cause vehicle damage. Such lights will typically illuminate in red and may flash or have an audible sound accompany them.

Many vehicle manufacturers use similar symbols and recognised universal symbols, though some may be unique to a certain brand of vehicle such as the Citroen C1.

Below details the Citroen C1 dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures, an explanation of the symbol along with the appropriate action that should be taken. If the dashboard symbol is not found in this section, other sections within this site may help and if possible consult your vehicle manufactures handbook.

Citroen C1 STOP dashboard warning light

Citroen C1 STOP Warning Light

The STOP symbol will flash in association with another warning light; the engine oil pressure or coolant temperature. In either situation, pull over, stop and turn off engine as soon as safe to do so. For further information on the relevant symbols, see below.

Citroen C1 oil pressure dashboard warning light
Oil Pressure

Engine Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT

The engine oil pressure warning light may illuminate with the STOP symbol (see above) to indicate oil pressure is low. As soon as safely possible, stop the car and turn off engine. Do not attempt to restart, continued use of the vehicle is highly likely to cause significant engine damage. Contact a Citroen authorised engineer.

Citroen C1 engine coolant temperature dashboard warning light
Coolant Temperature

ENGINE Coolant Temperature WARNING LIGHT

The engine coolant temperature warning light may illuminate with the STOP symbol (see above) to indicate the temperature of engine coolant is too high. As soon as safely possible, stop the car and turn off engine. Wait for 20 minutes or so for coolant temperature to reduce before checking coolant levels under the bonnet in the coolant reservoir. If levels are low, replenish levels but it is essential you wait for coolant to cool down before opening reservoir cap. If symbol illuminates again, contact authorised Citroen engineer. See engine coolant for further information.

Citroen C1 brake (red exclamation mark) dashboard warning light

Brake / brake Fluid WARNING LIGHT

The red exclamation mark symbol indicates that either the brake fluid level has dropped significantly or that there is a fault with the brake system. Check fluid levels within the reservoir under the bonnet and top up if necessary. If levels continue to drop, it can indicate a leak within the system and an authorised Citroen engineer must investigate. If brake fluid levels do not need topping up, it indicates a malfunction within the braking system. Do not drive vehicle and contact Citroen immediately.

Citroen C1 ABS dashboard warning light


ABS or Anti Lock Braking System aids in preventing the vehicles wheels from locking under heavy braking. The illuminated ABS light on the Citroen C1 indicates a fault in the system. Conventional braking remains unaffected and as such, this is not an emergency, though vehicle control may be compromised under heavy braking. Contact Citroen as soon as possible. See what is ABS for further information.

Citroen C1 Dynamic Stability Control dashboard warning light
Citroen C1 Dynamic Stability Control Off dashboard warning light
Citroen C1 traction control off dashboard warning light
Traction Control Off

Dynamic Stability Control / Traction Control WARNING LIGHT

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control (TRC) helps to keep the Citroen C1 stable throughout varied driving conditions. If the symbol flashes, this indicates system is active and vehicles systems are taking action to stabalise. If light constantly illuminates, it indicates the system has a fault. This is not an emergency though vehicle control may be effected during certain driving conditions and Citroen must be contacted as soon as possible. DSC / TRC can be manually deactivated where the ‘OFF’ symbol will illuminate. If deactivated, the system is reactivated automatically from around 30 mph (50 km/h).

Citroen C1 emission control system dashboard warning light
Emission Control


This symbol has two meanings; 1, Exhaust Emissions Control System fault where prolonged use of vehicle in this state may potentially damage the catalytic converter, or 2, A major fault has been detected that has no warning light associated to it. With either possibility, an authorised Citroen engineer should be contacted.

Citroen C1 battery charge dashboard warning light
Battery Charge

Battery Charge Dashboard WARNING LIGHT

Symbol should illuminate when ignition is turned on and go out shortly after. If light stays on or comes on whilst driving, this signifies a battery charge circuit fault. This may be due to a faulty battery or alternator, dirty or loose terminals, slack or broken alternator belt. Seek assistance from a Citroen engineer. See Why is the battery warning light on for further help.

Citroen C1 airbag fault dashboard warning light
Airbag Fault


Under normal operating circumstances, symbol should illuminate with ignition as a self-check test and shortly go out. If light illuminates whilst driving or stays on after ignition it signifies a fault. One of the airbags or seat belt pretensioners has a fault. Seek assistance from a Citroen engineer. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Citroen C1 passenger airbag on dashboard warning light
Airbag On
Citroen C1 passenger airbag off dashboard warning light
Airbag Off

AIRBAG Setting Dashboard LIGHT

The control switch, located in the glove box, has been placed in the “ON” position, displaying the appropriate symbol. The passenger’s front airbag is activated.
In this case, do not install a rearward facing child seat. The control switch, located in the glove box, is set to the OFF position. The passenger’s front airbag is deactivated and a rearward facing child seat on the front seat can be in use.

Citroen C1 ETG electronic gearbox dashboard warning light
ETG Gearbox

ETG Electronic Gearbox Fault DASHBOARD LIGHT

If the symbol illuminates (non-flashing), it signifies a fault with the gearbox. A qualified Citroen engineer is required. If the symbol is flashing accompanied by an audible alarm, this signifies the clutch temperature is too high. Stop as soon as it is safe to do so, place the ETG electronic gearbox selector in position N, and wait around 15 minutes for the clutch to cool down.

Citroen C1 electronic power steering dashboard warning light
Power Steering

Electronic Power Steering DASHBOARD LIGHT

The steering wheel with a red exclamation mark symbol either static or flashing with an audible sound indicates a failure with the electronic power steering. Power steering aids the driver by enabling easier steering, it does not affect the steering mechanism and as such, normal steering is possible though it may be more difficult to turn the wheel on certain occasions such a low speed. Assistance from a Citroen engineer is required.

Citroen C1 Tyre underinflation dashboard warning light
Tyre Under Inflation

Tyre Under Inflation DASHBOARD Warning LIGHT

Pressure in one or more tyres is too low. Check tyre pressures as soon as possible. Check should ideally be carried out when the tyres are cold. Reinitialising the system after the adjustment of one or more tyre pressures and after changing one or more wheels must be completed. Reinitialisation of the system is done with the ignition to ‘ON’ and the vehicle stationary. Open glove box and press the reinitialisation button. This warning light flashes 3 times in the instrument panel when the reinitialisation is done. Wait a few minutes before switching off the ignition (ignition switch in the “ACC” or “LOCK” position, or “OFF” mode). The new pressure settings registered are considered to be reference values by the system. If you are experiencing problems, see tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on.

Citroen C1 start / stop fault dashboard warning light
Start / Stop
Citroen C1 start / stop active dashboard light
Start / Stop Active


Symbol Flashing. The Citroen C1 start / stop system has a fault (VTi 68 S&S engine only). System must be checked by an authorised Citroen engineer.

Citroen C1 speed limiter dashboard warning light
Speed Limiter
Citroen C1 speed limiter fault dashboard warning light
Speed Limiter
Citroen C1 speed limiter active dashboard warning light


Fixed, non-flashing symbol. The speed limiter system has a fault when these symbols continuously illuminate. Assistance from authorised Citroen engineer is required.

Citroen C1 keyless entry and starting system dashboard warning light
Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry and Starting System LIGHT

If the green symbol is flashing quickly, then the steering column has not been unlocked. Change to “OFF” mode, then “ON” mode and turn the wheel slightly to unlock the steering column.

Citroen C1 keyless entry and starting system dashboard warning amber light
Keyless Entry


If the amber key symbol is flashing and accompanied by an audible sound, either the battery in the electronic key is flat and needs to be replaced OR you are leaving the vehicle without activating “OFF” mode. With the electronic key on you, press the START/STOP button to change to “OFF” mode. OR the electronic key has not been detected and so check you have the key on you OR the Keyless Entry and Starting system has a fault and in this situation you will need to contact a Citroen engineer.

Citroen C1 lane departure activated dashboard warning light
1. Lane Departure
Citroen C1 left lane detected dashboard warning light
2. Left Lane
Citroen C1 right lane detected dashboard warning light
3. Right Lane

Lane Departure Activated SYSTEM LIGHT

    1. 1. Fixed light when button pressed indicates lane departure warning system is activated. 2. A lane to the left has been detected. 3. A lane to the right has been detected.

Citroen C1 lane departure fault dashboard warning light
1. Lane Departure Fault
Citroen C1 left lane crossed dashboard warning light
2. Left Lane
Citroen C1 right lane crossed dashboard warning light
3. Right Lane


            1. 1. Fixed light indicates the lane departure warning system has a fault. 2. Flashing symbol with audible sound indicates a lane to the left has been crossed. 3. Flashing symbol with audible sound indicates a lane to the right has been crossed.

Citroen C1 active city brake dashboard warning light
1. Active City Brake
Citroen C1 active city brake deactivated dashboard warning light
2. Deactivated
Citroen C1 active city brake fault dashboard warning light
3. Fault

Active City Brake Dashboard Symbols

                1. 1. The Active City Brake system optimises braking to avoid a collision. System has been activated. 2. System has bee deactivated. 3. System has a fault. Contact an authorised Citroen engineer.

Citroen C1 low fuel dashboard warning light
Low Fuel
Citroen C1 door open dashboard warning light
Door Open
Citroen C1 seat belt dashboard warning light
Seat Belt
Citroen C1 Rear Fog Light dashboard warning light
Rear Fog Light

26 thoughts on “Citroen C1 Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Claire

    Hi 3 lights on my dashboard stay on altogether but only every so often they dont seem connected its the tyre pressure the engine management light and the traction control they go off for days then stay on for an hour any ideas?

  2. Hi Claire,
    I assume you have checked (and corrected if necessary) your tyre pressures. Traction control warning lights usually come on due to a sensor fault. The traction control can be related to tyre pressure monitoring system depending what system your car uses. Some versions use ABS sensors, which are also the same sensors used on traction control and tyre pressures. The only way you’ll find out is to have diagnostic fault code reader hooked up to check it.

  3. Kadde-Soddo Nabudere

    The STOP symbol keeps coming on in my Citroen, what does mean?

  4. Steve

    STOP and Oil Pressure comes on (usually when on a corner) and then goes off again. Ive since topped up my oil, yet i keep getting the odd flasg here and there. Any ideas what the problem could be? how would i go about fixing it? self fix would be preferable.

  5. When was the last oil change? It could be due to sludge in the oil pickup causing pressure problems. Low oil pressure is a serious issue, so I would start with with a fresh oil change, clean out any gunk and go from there.

  6. steve1

    I only bought the car off of someone in September, not sure when they had changed it last. so oil change then, what about filter change too?

  7. Yes, filter too. Clogged filters can cause pressure issues. After that, might be good to test the oil pressure. You can buy a kit or borrow one if you know someone. Low oil pressure (if that’s the problem) will wreck your engine.

  8. steve

    Will give it a try thankyou

  9. Jess

    Hi Clare,
    My Citroen does exactly the same, did you ever find out what the problem was?


  10. Hi Jess,
    The only way to locate the fault is to have fault codes read by diagnostic equipment.

  11. Joanne

    Hi, my Citroen is doing exactly the same as yours and Clare’s. Did you find a solution.

  12. Andrew

    Hi, did anyone find a solution to this? My daughter’s car has the same problem and the only fault code present relates to an oxygen sensor. If I reset the lights (as there’s no fault there) the car is fine for a while before the lights come on again.

  13. Andrew

    Hi, think I have a solution – seems there’s a Citroen memo that says the above (lights combination) together with fault codes P0139, P0140 or P0141 do indicate an issue with one of the oxygen sensors (the downstream one I think). Even better, I think Citroen will pay for the part – leaving just labour to be paid for. Worth buying a cheap OBD II reader.

  14. Steve

    I’ve just brought a Citroen C5 2005 and it was driving beautifully then lost acceleration and barely made it up the hours. I stopped for diesel and it was like another car driving really well. Again today it was driving with no power and I realised the Traction Control warning light was on. When I stopped later and started again the light was off and the car was fine.

    Any ideas

  15. Hi Steve,
    The most common fault with traction control, ABS, electronic stability control etc… is a problem with a wheel speed sensor. They all use the sensors and as they’re located in an area prone to damage (one on each wheel), they tend to go wrong. I’d get those looked at initially.

  16. Sandra

    What does this message mean when I turn on the ignition to my vitreous c1 edition

    P/S squiggly car VSC

  17. Hi Sandra,
    The car and squiggly lines is the Citroen’s vehicle stability control system (VSC). There are other names for it such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) / traction control. They’re all part of the car’s stability systems, just with different names. If you can see the word ‘OFF’ under it, it means the system has been manually switched off.

    Failing that, it means there’s a fault with the system. A vehicle that has different tyres fitted than those recommended by the manufacturer can cause issues, as can under-inflated tyre or uneven tyre pressures. Another common fault is for one of the wheels speed sensors (one on each wheel) to become damaged). If that’s the case, you may also see the ABS light come on as ABS is part of the system too.

  18. Just bought a Citroen C1. On the right hand side od tge dash, a SHIFT green sign flashe

  19. E Harris

    Telling you to change gear

  20. Emmanuel

    Emmision control system is on

  21. Hi Emmanuel,
    There are quite a few things that can cause the emissions control / engine warning light to come on. There’s really little point at guessing, so you’ll need to have diagnostic tools hooked up to scan for fault codes. Diagnostic tools can either be purchased yourself, or you can take your Citroen to a workshop to use theirs. When the engine warning light comes on, fault codes are usually stored in the ECU. These codes will hopefully help you to isolate the fault.

  22. Andrew Littlejohn

    A yellow outline of my C1 with a vertical yellow line down the middle of it means the ignition simply won’t start. The last time it happened – a few weeks ago – the citroen garage fitted a new battery and convinced me the problem was sorted…obviously not the case. Help! It’s currently sitting in a resident’s parking bay and I’m not a resident there…

  23. Hi Andrew, is a push start possible? IF the engine doesn’t crank at all, then you have something that’s causing an electrical charge drain.

  24. Mrs J Griffin

    What does the word “Error” refer to when I switch the engine on? I drive a fairly old Citroen C1 but no none of the usual warning lights are on when I drive and it seems to drive ok. I can’t find reference to it anywhere.

  25. Hi Mrs J Griffin
    That’s a rather vague warning. Any serious faults will have their own dedicated red warning lights and any fault with the engine will see the yellow engine warning light illuminate. Based on that, I wouldn’t think it’s too much to worry about. Obviously carry out basic maintenance with tyres, water and oil, ensuring all are up to the specified level. Other than that, I shouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

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