Fiat 500 Dashboard Warning Lights

Detailed within this section are the dashboard warning light symbols of the Fiat 500. Symbols have their associated meanings, often with an explanation of action to take,

The Fiat 500 dashboard warning lights switch on together with a message specific to that symbol and/or acoustic sound when applicable.

Failure light symbols are displayed are divided into two categories: very serious and less serious failures. Very serious mechanical or electrical failures are indicated by a repeated and prolonged warning cycle, often signified by a red light that may perhaps be flashing.

Less serious failures are indicated by a shorter warning cycle, and are typically associated with amber / yellow / orange symbols. Warning light symbols may vary depending on the year and country of manufacture.

Fiat 500 Low battery charge dashboard warning light
Low battery charge
Battery Electrical Charge is Low

In normal conditions the battery light will come on when the ignition is switched on to MAR. The light should go out shortly. If light remains on or comes on whilst driving, the battery charge is failing and could signify a faulty battery or alternator. Starting issues are likely to occur. Contact a Fiat technician. See Why is the battery warning light on for further help.

Fiat 500 Low engine oil pressure dashboard warning light
Low engine oil pressure
LOW Engine Oil Pressure

Symbol should illuminate with ignition turned to MAR but will soon go out once engine has started. If symbol lights constantly with an applicable message, this signifies oil pressure is low. Do not continue journey. Engine may be damaged, contact a Fiat technician. Alternatively the symbol may flash on the Fiat 500. This is to signify engine oil needs changing. Journey can be continued as normal, though have engine serviced soon.

Fiat 500 Low brake fluid / Parking brake dashboard warning light
Low brake fluid / Parking brake
Fiat 500 Low brake fluid / Parking brake dashboard warning light
Low brake fluid / Parking brake
LOW Brake Fluid / Parking Brake

Either the exclamation mark symbol or the ‘BRAKE’ dashboard symbol may be used on various models of the Fiat 500. Light should illuminate until engine has started. If light remains on, it signifies the parking / hand brake is on, or that their is insufficient brake fluid in the reservoir. If light illuminates and the handbrake is not applied, braking may become defective. Seek assistance from a Fiat technician immediately.

Fiat 500 EBD Failure dashboard warning light
EBD Failure
Fiat 500 ABS Failure dashboard warning light
ABS Failure
Fiat 500 ESC dashboard warning light
ESC Warning
EBD Failure

When the red exclamation mark symbol illuminates simultaneously with the ABS and ESC lights, this signifies an EBD failure. Vehicle rear wheels may suddenly lock and vehicle may swerve when braking harshly. Drive carefully to a Fiat technician.

Fiat 500 ABS dashboard warning light
ABS Failure
ABS FAILURE Warning Light

Switching the ignition to the MAR position will see the ABS (anti-lock brake system) light come on and go out shortly after the engine has started. If the light illuminates whilst driving, the ABS system has failed. ABS is a separate braking aid to the normal brakes and works independently, Normal brakes will continue to work as usual, though contact a Fiat Dealer soon. See ABS for further information.

Fiat 500 engine overheating dashboard warning light
Engine Overheating
Fiat 500 engine overheating dashboard warning light
Engine Overheating
Engine Overheating WARNING LIGHT

Either the thermostat or red dot dashboard symbol will illuminate (depending on Fiat 500 model) on the dashboard when ignition is turned to MAR and shortly go out when engine starts. If symbol illuminates whilst driving, it signifies the engine is running too hot. Do not continue journey, pull over when safe to do so and switch off engine. Continued driving may cause the engine to seize and become irreparable. Allow engine to cool and check engine coolant levels. If low, replenish supplies and continue journey. Low coolant levels may indicate a leak, seek assistance from Fiat dealership. See what is engine coolant.

Fiat 500 automatic transmission fault dashboard warning light
Transmission Fault
Transmission Fault  WARNING LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate if there is a fault detected with the automatic transmission. If symbol remains illuminated on the dashboard, seek assistance from a Fiat specialist.

Fiat 500 power steering fault dashboard warning light
Power Steering Fault

This warning light signifies a fault with the ‘DualDrive’ power steering. When the ignition is turned to MAR-ON, the warning light switches activates, but it should go off shortly. If the warning light stays on, turn the ignition key to STOP position and start the engine again. If the warning light still remains on, physical effort to operate the steering wheel could be increased. Steering is still possible however, contact a Fiat specialist soon. If dashboard symbol comes on whilst driving, steering may become harder as no assistance is possible.

Fiat 500 airbag fault dashboard warning light
Airbag Fault
Fiat 500 passenger airbag fault dashboard warning light
Passenger Airbag

The red driver airbag and the amber passenger airbag lights should illuminate when ignition is turned on and go out shortly after. If lights do not illuminate when ignition is turned to MAR, this may signify an issue with the airbags or pretensioners and may not be deployed in an accident. If one or both symbols illuminate whilst driving, this also signifies a fault. In either circumstance, seek assistance from a Fiat specialist soon. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Fiat 500 generic fault dashboard warning light
Generic Fault

The generic fault warning light illuminates on the Fiat 500 due to a variety of faults. For further information on the various fault possibilities that can occur when this symbol is illuminated, see: Fiat 500 generic warning light.

Fiat 500 EOBD injection system failure dashboard light
Injection Failure
EOBD Injection System Failure  WARNING LIGHT

Symbol should come on with the ignition turned to MAR and go out shortly after. If the symbol remains on or comes on whilst driving this signifies a fault with the supply/ignition system that could cause excessive exhaust emissions, possible loss of performance, poor vehicle driveability and high fuel consumption. Vehicle can still be driven the system remedy is required soon. Constant use of vehicle with warning light on may cause damage.

Fiat 500 low fuel dashboard light
Low Fuel
Fiat 500 fault dashboard light
Fault Warning
Low Fuel / Failure WARNING LIGHT

The low fuel light will illuminate as usual when around 6 to 8 litres of fuel are remaining in the vehicle fuel tank. Estimated range is around 50 km. Light may flash or be accompanied by a flashing fault light (depending on models) to indicate that the system has malfunctioned.

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69 thoughts on “Fiat 500 Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Juli

    I have a symbol that has the word stop and it is on what looks like brake light

  2. kim

    me too – what is that?

  3. Sounds like a break light bulb is out. This symbol doesn’t appear in the Fiat 500 owners handbook. Is it the symbol that you can see on page 2?

  4. Sue Hawes

    Hi. I have a Fiat 500 which I have just bought. Not every time, but quite often a symbol comes on the dash at around the 1 o’clock/2 o’clock position which is a round symbol with an “s” and a left to right diagonal line through it (a bit like a dollar sign but diagonal). Can you tell me what this is please as it does not appear in the log book and I am hoping it is nothing serious. Many thanks

  5. Naomi

    Hi sue,

    This is in fact the start/stop. If the start/stop feature is turned off then this light will stay displayed.
    Underneath the heating dials you should find a button with the same symbol – use this to activate the start/stop feature.

  6. Danni

    Hi all few weeks I’ve had my 500 cut out with check transmission on dash? Also the automatic gear box light on? Last few days it’s been driving a little noisy was told maybe bearings in the gearbox need replacing?

  7. I have one just right if the petrol gauge which looks like a speedometer or clock with a small arrow to the left of it. Any ideas?

  8. Kim

    Thank you for that . I wasn’t sure why this light was on . I was in a bit of a panic. Thank goodness for this forum

  9. Sarah

    I my mileage keeps flashing on my dash? What does this mean?

  10. It sounds like you require a proxy alignment on your Fiat 500. It’s a problem where the vehicle looses communication with certain components such as an instrument cluster for example. The proxy alignment corrects this problem.

  11. Alfred Johnson

    i have a 2012 fiat 500 i just had a base plate install for my tow bar, when i left the garage i notice my yellow Triangle lite stay on. what could be the problem?

  12. Hi Alfred,
    If they done anything with the electrics I would think it’s something to do with this (if the light wasn’t on previously).

  13. Ortiz Loretta

    Hello. I was curious about a symbol that popped up on my car. Does anyone know what a circle with a light bulb looking thing means?

  14. Hi Ortiz,
    Circle with a light bulb looking thing – is it actually a light bulb?
    There is an external lights failure warning symbol for the Fiat 500 that look like this:
    Fiat 500 External Lights Failure Warning Symbol
    The External Light Failure Indicator will come on when a failure to one of the following lights is detected:
    • Indicators
    • Backup Lights
    • Parking Lights
    • Daytime Running Lights
    • License Plate Lights
    The failure relating to these lights could be:
    • One or more blown bulbs
    • A blown protection fuse
    • A break in the electrical connection

  15. Sean

    When I switch on the right hand indicator on my 2015 fiat 500 the engine temp and brake warning lights flash aswell, would this be a earth fault or dodgy bulb considering all bulbs appear to be working

  16. Lana Macanovic

    This ‘STOP’ warning light illuminates when one or more of the stop light (break light) bulbs fail. The failure could be related to one or more blown bulbs, a blown protection fuse, or a break in the electrical connection.

  17. Darryl

    I have a 2016 fiat 500x that has 60,000 miles today all my dash lights came on and my engine died it started back up but alot of my warning lights are on and it seems harder to drive anyone have any ideas

  18. Hi Darryl,
    Depends what the warning lights are. If it seems like random lights coming on, it could be an electrical fault. Diagnostic equipment is required to ideally read fault codes to locate the problem. I’d book it into a garage urgently as you don’t want the engine dying on you again.

  19. Anthony Creo

    Hi, I have 500x 2019. My cluster panel shows a “123” before an icon of an auto. Could not find this in the user manual. Do you know what it is? I also have a number that is counting up”177:01:09″ that is counting up. The background on the miles of 4260.3 is red. Does this mean I need an oil change? Thanks

  20. Clare

    Hi l have just purchased a Fiat 500 pop and whilst driving around l noticed a symbol come on twice that said swift .Ant ideas as can’t see the symbol in the handbook !

  21. Hi Clare,
    Are you sure it’s not ‘AMT’ rather than ‘ANT’? AMT stands for ‘automated-manual transmission’, so the light illuminating could be a reference to the mode you have selected for the transmission.

  22. Ruth

    does anyone know what circle with 3 kinda lines like soaked out of z tire symbol means please

  23. Ruth

    sorry that didn’t make sense it looks like a circle .like a tire with 3 sparks coming from it .i cant find it anywhere

  24. Caroline

    My 2013 Fiat 500 Sport, will die intermittently while idling at a light or in bumper to bumper traffic. I have to put it in park, shut the car off and then start the car back up. I’m lucky no one has rear ended me, I feel this is a safety hazard. No one seems to be able to figure it out. Today when it died at the Starbucks drive through, I saw a quick moon the dash that said, “ high coolant”. I asked the dealership, they have no ideal. This car is so frustrating, and I’m so mad at my dad for buying this used car. It has 53,000 miles right now. HELP

  25. Hi Caroline,
    Have you had the car hooked up to diagnostics for any fault codes? It does sound electrical related. There was a Fiat / Chrysler recall that does sound like it might relate:
    Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain model year 2013-2016 Fiat 500e vehicles manufactured March 22, 2012, to January 29, 2016. The power inverter module (PIM) may experience voltage spikes which can cause the propulsion system to shut down and loss of motive power.

  26. Janet Lyons

    I have a Fiat Qubo Turbo Diesel. A light on the speedo has come on. Bottom centre, to the left of the door symbol and the right of the car on hill symbol. It looks like a dotted spray coming from the right side of an oblong shape.

  27. Janet Lyons

    Just found some info on the above query. It is not a fault that needs to go to the workshop. It just needs a good run on the motorway. It means the DPF system needs to eliminate captured pollutants.

  28. Yep that’s it Janet. Lot’s of short trips in the car will build up more soot in the filter and so requires regenerating more often.

  29. Cynthia

    What are my light still on my dash after the car is turned off

  30. Sharon Prewitt

    About how much would this cost

  31. Sharon Prewitt

    Mileage and time keep flashing

  32. Teresa

    I have a 500l that lost power while driving have a lightning type symbol on any idea what that is

  33. Hello Teresa,
    The lightening bolt is the ETC / Electronic Throttle Control warning light. You can see it on page 2. You’ll really need to have diagnostics done so you can get fault codes. It can literally be the throttle body that needs replacing.

  34. Louise Garnet

    Hi I’ve got a 2013 fiat 500s and this warning light ⚠️has just come on my dashboard, I’ve checked the obvious external lights and they all look ok, any ideas please

  35. Rosa E Rodriguez

    What does it mean when all the lights on the dash turn on and off when I turn on the Fiat 500….it only happens sometimes and also the mileage light turns on and off…I turn the car off and on again and it goes away…can you help me…

  36. Hi Rosa,
    When you start the engine or switch the ignition on, it’s normal for many dash lights to illuminate. The reason they do this is part of a self-check process or a bulb check. When the engine has started, the lights should then go out.

  37. Julian

    In reply to Louise Garnet.

    I am having the same problem ,can anybody help me?

  38. Amber Newton

    I need the answer to this as well as mine does the same

  39. Tina Walton

    I have just purchased a Fiat 500 and a red warning light flashes on and off especially when I open/close window. I thought it maybe be the boot but cannot find it in my manual. Its hard to describe but I will try. Its a red square box with I think squiggle lines with the right hand top corner cut off.

  40. Hi Tina,
    Trying to find the symbol that you’re referring to but not having much luck. Sounds a little like the rear window demister icon, but that’s not usually red. Other possibility is water in the diesel filter light, catalytic converter fault light, electrical fault light. Perhaps someone reading this will recognise the light you’re describing.

  41. Lynn

    When I turn the ignition on a warning light showing B is coming on (next to the fuel indication). Any ideas please. Thank you.

  42. Hi Lynn,
    It very much sounds like a trip meter for recording mileage. On most cars, you usually have two of them, trip A and trip B, just in case you want to record mileage for different trips.

  43. lola Newall


  44. Hello Lola
    If the warning light is the letter A with an exclamation mark (not a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it), then it’s to do with the engine auto stop feature having a problem. Problems with auto start stop are almost always due to battery charge issues.

  45. Louise

    I have a Fiat 500L trekking and a symbol has come up it’s a capital A with a arrow round it and an ! Next to it I cannot find online anything that resembles this. Thanks Louise

  46. Hi Louise,
    That symbol is the engine auto stop. It should come on in green when the auto stop system automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop. If the symbol is amber / yellow, it might mean there’s a problem with the auto stop system.

  47. Andrea

    I have a yellow light on my dash that looks like a battery or wheels and the word stop over it any chance anyone knows what that means?

  48. angela

    hello can you help me
    I bought a fiat 500 2016 model, only one previous owner. I have had the car for 5years and the car overheated and the coolant container cracked , coolant spilled out. I had to replace the coolant container. I now have been told the whole head gasket needs replacing due to the overheating which will be very costly. The car is not that old and only 60,000km. Is this common? I dont know what to do.
    The red transmission light would also come on often, I took it to the dealer twice for checking but they said nothing was wrong. Could this be related?
    thank you

  49. Hi Angela,
    On many automatic transmission cooling systems, they make use to some degree of the engine cooling system to circulate and cool the coolant, so it is quite possibly related yes. Engine overheating isn’t particularly common if the car has a good standard of maintenance; regular servicing and regular home maintenance such as checking coolant levels, oil etc. If your car is well maintained, and you’re sure fluid levels regularly checked and topped up if necessary, then it’s more likely a leak in the cooling system has occurred or a fault with a component.

    You should have things related to the cooling system checked, such as water pump, radiator and hose leaks, thermostats etc. To have the head gasket replaced, it’s pretty much all labour costs, so get quotes from a few different places. An overheated engine can easily cause the engine to seize, in which case, the engine would need replacing, so it could have been worse.

  50. angela

    thanks so much for the reply.

  51. Maya

    My Fiat500X 2015 has a flashing red light when I turn off the engine, does anyone know what it means? Thanks!

  52. Hi Maya,
    If it’s just a light and no symbol, then it sounds like the security immobiliser light that flashes to let you know the security system is armed.

  53. my dash is showing ACA 28.2 does anyone know what it means?

  54. Hello EB,
    On the Fiat 500, ACA stands for Actual Fuel Consumption. If you’re unaware of it, it’s most likely that you accidently hit the trip button on the end of the stalk.

  55. John calley

    Hi how do I get the range mileage etc back on my speedo as just the radio comes on in speedo☹️ 2014 fiat 500 1.2 sport?

  56. Hi John,
    I think it’s the trip button on the right-side stalk on the steering column. Quick press to scroll through options and long press to reset.

  57. Candy

    The yellow/amber light on my 2015 Fiat 500 Pop is an exclamation mark but not inside a triangle. It looks like it is in parenthesis. What is it? My car only has a little over 14,000 miles and it just came on.

  58. Hi Candy,
    I’m afraid that I’m not familiar with this warning light. Are you sure the exclamation mark is not first contained in a circle, which is then surrounded by brackets? That’s brake / parking brake issues if it is. Failing that, you may be better off contacting Fiat directly.

  59. Jennifer

    Hi, today in my fiat 500 2012 I have had the red air bag icon come up along with injection system failure icon and stop/start icon with the diagonal line through it. They are coming up together. Now I’m not sure if something electrical is going on with the car because everytime I turn the engine on the rear window wiper comes on for a few seconds then stops. Also when I indicate right a lot of icons flash on the right side of the dash. And my little circle middle screen seems to be failing. Any advice much appreciated

  60. Hi Jennifer,
    It does sound electrical related. First thing to always do is to have diagnostics which will look for fault codes. Have you driven through water at speed? Water can cause short circuits. Always start off by checking the battery charge, battery connections and alternator. A short-to-ground problem occurs when a loose connection makes contact with the car body, so the current can flow through the car body rather than the intended circuit, causing all sorts of electrical problems. It’s something a competent mechanic would be able to sort, but can take time. But as I say, start with diagnostics and have the battery and alternator checked, then go on from there.

  61. Darron

    Hi my car keeps telling me to check the tyre pressure any idea cheers

  62. Hi Darron,
    After presumably checking the tyre pressures, does your Fiat 500 have the option to reset the TPMS? There’ll either be a button on the dash or the option to reset it in the settings menu. Tyre pressure do fall when it gets cold. Additionally, hitting pothole and kerbs can also cause damage to wheel speed sensors or pressure sensors in the tyres.

  63. Tracy


    I have a EOBD light on the dash, it stays on and sometimes the car loses power.
    Coils maybe?

  64. Tracy

    The car is 2009 Fiat 500 lounge

  65. Hi Tracy.
    It could be many things; fuel injectors, fuel filter, MAF sensor etc…
    Only way you’ll know is to hook up a scanner to the EBD port. That would be the first thing to do.

  66. Tracy

    Great thank you…..I’m seeing a chap next week who’ll hopefully help

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