Ford Kuga Start Stop Not Working

Auto Start Stop is a feature on the Ford Kuga / Ford Escape that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by shutting down the engine when your vehicle is idling, when for example waiting at traffic lights. The engine automatically restarts when the clutch pedal is pressed, or when the vehicle calls for the engine to restart if for example, the battery is running low and requires recharging.

Using the Ford Kuga Auto Start Stop System

To obtain the maximum benefit from the Auto start stop system, if you are stationary from 3 seconds or longer follow this procedure:

  1. Stop your vehicle.
  2. Shift into neutral.
  3. Release the clutch pedal.
  4. Release the accelerator pedal.

Ford Kuga Start Stop System Not Working

There are certain conditions where the Ford Kuga start stop system may not be working. These conditions are:

  • To maintain interior climate of the vehicle.
  • Low battery voltage has been detected.
  • The outside temperature is too low or too high. Start Stop system only operated when outside temperature is within the operating temperature limits of the system.
  • The driver door has been opened.
  • Low engine operating temperature. Start Stop system only operates when the engine is warm.
  • Low brake system vacuum.
  • If a road speed of 3 mph (5 km/h) has not been exceeded.
  • The driver safety belt has not been secured.
Ford Kuga / Ford Escape start stop dashboard warning light symbol
Start / Stop Amber

Auto Start Stop System Amber

When the auto-start-stop indicator flashes amber, shift into neutral or press the clutch pedal. If the system detects a malfunction, it will switch off. Have your vehicle checked by an authorised dealer. When you switch the system off, the switch will illuminate.

Ford Kuga / Ford Escape start stop activated dashboard light symbol
Start / Stop Green

Auto Start Stop System Green

The auto-start-stop light indicator will illuminate green when the system is in use and engine shuts down.

Start Stop Vehicle Battery

Owning a Ford Kuga / Ford Escape with the Start Stop system requires a different battery. If replacing the battery, it must be replaced by one of exactly the same specification as the original.

7 thoughts on “Ford Kuga Start Stop Not Working”

  1. gordon

    Why is my ford kuga starting with my front heat windscreen button

  2. Kevin Green

    In reply to gordon.

    I have a problem with my Ford Kuga… When the engine is up to normal temperature and if |I only have the screen blower on, when I stop the A sign on the dashboard with a line through it comes on and the engine doesn’t stop. However, it I simply switch either the face blower or floor blower on, obviously increasing the drain on the battery, the engine will stop and the green A sign lights. Ford dealers say the diagnosis says battery is only 62% charged yet even when they fully charged the battery the automatic stop/start still didn’t function properly. If I drive around with only the screen blower on the engine will never stop but if I add another blower, it will. This seems back to front to me, reduce the drain on the battery by deactivating one or more of the blowers should fire the engine up but the opposite happens.

  3. Jas

    Hello Kevin my new Ford kuga has the same problem has been to the garage 4 times.when i get the car back from the garage the stop and start works for few days then stops working again.

  4. tony

    Mine too, Jas. Terrible vehicles that seem to have a brain and feelings of its own. We bought an 18 plate recently and the start stop works only when the car is in a reasonable mood. Rubbish.

  5. John W

    Bought my 19 plate kuga Nov 21. Auto sp/st wkd for about 4 was. Now uncoloured symbol on dash..normal A with arrowed line round it ending with an arrow head, then a diagonal line (using clockface) from 7 to 1. Surely this forms part of mpg, as it fails, them mpg up. I wonder if the kugas mpg is deliberately misleading. How it should work and how to get it wkg, is as clear as mud!🤨..non of it works, absolute garbish!!

  6. Christopher Charlton

    My stop start as work had a new battery last year and it want work now so what is the podlan with it now

  7. Hi Christopher,
    There can be quite a few things that determine whether the start stop system puts the engine into standby or not. In winter, there’s typically a higher electrical usage on a vehicle; lights heaters, demisters etc, all of which use greater amounts of electricity from the car. It can then take longer for the battery to recharge, particularly if the vehicle is used mainly for short trips only. The outside ambient temperature can also impact the start stop system. If the battery itself is very cold, the system intentionally is prevented from working. It’s probably due to cold temperatures and the higher electrical load. Longer drives or giving the battery a charge usually sorts the problem.

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