Leeds (Harehills) Extended Driving Test Routes

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) no longer publish learner driver or extended driving test routes for public viewing.

Detailed below are the extended driving test routes for Leeds (Harehills) Driving Test Centre. The test routes are developed by examiners from the actual test centre to incorporate a wide variety of roads and traffic systems.

Extended driving test routes are intended for drivers that were previously qualified but lost their licence due to disqualification. Before their licence is reinstated, a court has ruled that they must pass the extended driving test. These test routes a different from the standard learner test routes. If you would like to view the standard learner test routes, please see driving test routes.

The test routes may have altered as this is down to the discretion of the examiner, or they may remain similar or identical. Test routes are for Leeds extended car routes 1 to 3.

Use the test routes below to form a knowledge base for the various types of roads and traffic systems that you will encounter during the practical extended driving test.


Extended Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live may be available. Browse to see if the Leeds driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Practical Test CentreLeeds (Harehills)
Type of Test RouteExtended Car
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
Driving Test Route Number1
York RdT/L right
Gipton ApproachEOR left
Wykebeck Valley Rd2 nd mini roundabout right
Foundry LaneLeft
South Parkway ApproachRoundabout right 4 th exit
Foundry Mill DriveLeft
Foundry Mill StRight
Ironwood ViewStaggered junction ahead
Kentmere AveLeft
North ParkwayRight, left
Kentmere AveLeft
Boggart Hill DriveRight
Easterley Rd / Wetherby RdRoundabout left
Ring Rd2 nd roundabout right
King LaneEOR right
Arthington RdLeft
Kings RdEOR left
Otley RdAhead, left
Shaw Lane / Grove LaneT/L right
Meanwood RdLeft
Buslingthorpe LaneEOR right
Sheepscar St NorthAhead
Sheepscar St SouthRight
Cross Stamford StLeft
Skinner Lane / Lincoln Green RdRight
Beckett St / Burmantofts StT/L left
York RdT/L left
Harehills LaneRight
Kimberley RdInto
Driving Test Route Number2
DTCT/L left
York Rd2 nd left
Gipton ApproachEOR left
Wykebeck Valley Rd2 nd mini roundabout right
Foundry Lane3 rd left
Ironwood ApproachRight
Moresdale LaneLeft
York RdRight
Crossgates LaneLeft
Brian ViewLeft
Crossgates AveRight
Brian AveLeft
Crossgates LaneRoundabout ahead
Station RdAhead
Crossgates Ring RdRoundabout 1 st exit
A63 Selby Rd3 rd roundabout left
Lidgett LaneAhead
Main StT/L right
Aberford (Old A1)Ahead
A1 NorthLeft
A659 to OtleyEOR left
Wetherby RdRoundabout ahead
Easterley RdRoundabout left
Oakwood LaneRight
Amberton Approach / Oak Tree Drive2 x roundabouts ahead
Foundry ApproachLeft
Harehills LaneLeft
Kimberley RdInto
Driving Test Route Number3
York RdT/L right
Selby RdT/L 5 th left
Wilfred AveEOR right
Green LaneLeft
Park StEOR right
Primrose LaneEOR left
Green LaneEOR left
Station RdRoundabout left
Crossgates RdRight
Hawkhill DriveEOR right
Brian CrescentEOR left
Crossgates LaneEOR right
Barwick RdRoundabout left
Ring Rd4 th roundabout right
King LaneEOR right
Arthington RdLeft
Kings RdRoundabout left
Otley Rd2 x roundabouts ahead, 2 nd left
Hollin RdEOR right
Weetwood LaneLeft
Moor RdEOR left
Monkbridge RdEOR right
Meanwood RdT/L ahead, 5 th left
Buslingthorpe LaneEOR right
Sheepscar St NorthLeft
Barrack Rd / Roundhay RdRight
Bayswater RdEOR right
Harehills RdLeft
Stanley RdEOR left
Compton RdT/L right
Harehills Lane2 nd left
Kimberley RdInto