How to Reset Ford Transit Tyre Pressure Warning Light

If you are experiencing problems with the Ford Transit tyre pressure monitor warning light (TPMS), particularity if you have checked tyre pressures, pressures are correct but the warning light remains on.

Resetting the Ford Transit tyre pressure warning light
Resetting the Ford Transit tyre pressure warning light

The following method should work on the Ford Transit / Transit Connect. Whilst attempting the Transit tyre pressure light reset, ensure that you have access to a tyre pump. To reset the Ford Transit tyre pressure light:

  1. Drive the van for a few minutes to ensure that tyre air temperatures are up to optimal running temperatures. If the light goes out after a drive, pressure may have fallen below the minimum threshold when tyres are cold. Park up and switch the engine off.
  2. Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position, but avoid starting the engine.
  3. Now press the hazard lights button three times in quick succession. You will know that reset mode has initialised when the horn sounds.
  4. You should now have a message appear on the dashboard ‘Train Left Front Tyre’. Slowly release air from the front left tyre until you hear the horn sound.
  5. Once the horn has sounded, a new message will appear on the dashboard ‘Train Right Front Tyre’. Repeat the process for all tyres.
  6. When all four tyres have been done, it should say tyre training complete. Select ‘OK’.

8 thoughts on “How to Reset Ford Transit Tyre Pressure Warning Light”

  1. Sunny

    I don’t want to remove air from my tires! I just went to the dealership and they brought the pressure up to what it should be on all tires! I just want to turn the warning light out! Up to #3 in your instructions sounds lojical but the #4 in your instructions talks about removing air from the tires. WHAT? Confused here.

  2. Hi Sunny,
    It’s a procedure for resetting the TPMS and getting the light to go out. Bit bonkers and best to try it only if you have an air compressor at hand. After it has reset and the warning light has gone out, you can adjust the pressures to the proper values.

  3. Dan

    Reconnect the battery?

  4. Dan

    Actually I Got aired up, did first 3 steps and nothing
    Tried the key in all positions then just went crazy tapping the hazard L. Button and the horn sounded. Nothing on the screen except that light blinking.
    About 2 min of me browsing (van running) horn sounded again and light disappeared!
    Thank you Jesus for everything😁

  5. Dwight

    Thanks worked great, just have to reair the tires, the spare I guess is not a part of the training, poor spare tire! Thanks again

  6. Brad

    I have done the reset procedure twice. Each time, it is reset, but then the tire warning comes back on. I checked all four tires air pressure and they are all the same psi.
    It should be noted that I put aftermarket wheels and tires on my van 4 years ago. There has been no issue with the warning light prior to this. Should I have it checked at the tire store where I got the wheels or at the dealership?

  7. Hi Brad. Sounds like you need a full diagnostic. Did the tire store change over the original sensors or install new ones and did they check for a functioning TPMS after installation? The dealership will probably be expensive. I would get a few quotes from any shop that can diagnose TPMS issues.

  8. David Fletcher

    I’d was going crazy myself didn’t want to let air of tires just had the guy as Discount tire fill them up. So follow the steps up to letting air pushed the Hazzard button real more than three times horn honk light started flashing nothing on display so I’m readying post on here q minute or two goes by horn honks twice I loo, at dash light is off. I think it just needs a couple minutes to gets it
    S ready and than it resets.

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