Hazard Warning Lines

Whilst learning to drive and taking the driving test, there are many road markings, signs or signals to inform drivers of an impending hazard.

Certain road markings and lines is a particular part of the Highway Code that many drivers (experienced or learner) do not fully understand their meaning. Hazard warning lines often being one of them.

During a driving test, the examiner will not ask you what a certain road line means, this is all covered in the theory test.

Though keeping a keen eye on all road lines, markings and a full understanding of their meaning will make the entire practical driving test easier and of course increase your chances of passing as you will be aware of an impending hazard.

Hazard warning line
Hazard warning line can be seen with its longer strokes compared to the typical centre lines further back in the road

Hazard warning line at a junction

An approaching hazard in the road can come in many forms such as a closed junction (SeeĀ junctions for further information on closed junctions) or a bend in the road. An approaching road hazard may or may not have a hazard warning sign.

Hazard warning lines can be used for many purposes, such as the approach of a sharp bend in the road. typically however, they are used to warn a driver of an impending junction ahead.

In the diagram, the white line in the centre of the road changes from the standard broken white line into a hazard warning line with the white line lengthening and the gaps shortening. Hazard warning lines may or may not be used in conjunction with a road sign.

This is used to inform the driver of a hazard being the junction, up ahead. A driver who doesn’t notice the hazard warning lines or is unfamiliar with their meanings will have less time to react and prepare when they see the junction.

If you are not confident with road lines and markings, taking driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor will help. Ask them to explain the various lines and markings as you drive until you become confident.

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