Free Road Signs Test Quiz for the Theory Test

Knowing your road signs is not only essential for safe driving, but is also a fundamental requirement for those intending on taking and passing the theory test.

This free road sign test quiz details the majority of UK road signs and is designed to be taken in such a way that it shows you the correct answer immediately. This enables you to take the test as many times as necessary until you are confident in your ability to answer all the questions correctly.

For further information on UK road signs and their meanings, see order road signs and warning road signs. Start learning by taking the free road signs test quiz for the driving theory test below.

Select the answer you think is correct and press the ‘check’ button. Once you have evaluated your answer, select the ‘Next’ button. Some questions may provide you with a hint.


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UK Road Sign Quiz

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  1. Mark Reynolds

    It shows me question 1 out of 15 for Road sign test 1,2 and 3, but no other questions.
    Where are the other 14 missing questions to each test, 42 in total?

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