Cancel Theory Test

All theory test bookings are maintained by the DVSA. Cancelling the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) theory test can be easily done by online or by telephone.

Providing a certain notice of three clear working days is met, a full refund is given.

The links provided on this page will allow you to cancel a theory test from any UK Pearson Professional / DVSA theory test centre. You do not need to contact theory test centres directly to change a theory test date, time, to check a theory test date or to cancel a theory test as the test centres cannot do this directly and are only responsible for conducting tests.

You are able to use this service to cancel the theory test booking of your theory test centre between 6.00 am and 11.40 pm.


For entitlement of a full refund of theory test fees, three clear working days, including Saturdays notice must be given. Unless this criteria is met, the DVSA are not able to offer a refund and you will lose your test fee. Sundays and public holidays don’t count as working days.

Cancel theory test button
Visit the official government website to cancel your theory test

Cancel theory test refund

If the above notice is given, the full theory test fee will be refunded.

Cancel theory test online

The easiest method to cancel a theory test is online. Please ensure you have your provisional driving licence number to hand. You can cancel your UK driving theory test from any UK theory test centre by visiting the DVSA online cancellation form. If you are experiencing difficulties cancelling the theory test online, the DVSA offer alternative methods to cancel the theory test.

Cancel theory test by telephone

You can cancel your UK driving theory test from any UK theory test centre by calling the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. The telephone numbers provided are automated although if you do need to speak to a DVSA member of staff for assistance, follow the prompts given. Opening times are from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday and long delays can be experienced on occasions. You may also e-mail the DVSA for further information. It may take a several days before a response is made.

Cancel a driving theory test in Northern Ireland

You can cancel your driving theory test appointment online to receive a full refund provided you give three clear working days’ notice. To cancel a driving theory test in Northern Ireland, please visit the online form.

19 thoughts on “Cancel Theory Test”

  1. Fern Taylor

    I booked a theory test and I realised I couldn’t make the date so I clicked change the date which said was free and clicked a date that I could make, but I have now been charged for 2 tests.

  2. Hi Fern,
    Was it the official government DVSA website that you booked your test with?

  3. How long does it take for the refund to come to your account

  4. If you have used the DVSA to book your theory test, the refund will be made via Pearson who are responsible for conducting the theory tests. Pearson request 10 working days for this refund to be processed and to appear on your bank statement.

  5. Karim

    I canceled my appointment on Thursday and I have one on Sunday. Will my money be returned?

  6. Hi Karim,
    Yes, if you booked your theory test via the official DVSA you’ll get a refund for your cancelled appointment.

  7. Sereign

    Cancelled my test on around 12am on Monday morning and my test it Wednesday will I get my refund

  8. Hi Sereign,
    As long as you cancelled it within three clear working days, but in this instance, you may have left it a little late.


    I booked theory test 2 times they take many but they didn’t confirm email me that mean l didn’t have appointment but took many l need help please


    My test was on monday and i cancel on friday will i get refund

  11. Hi Gurdeep,
    Provided you have given three working days notice, you will receive a refund.

  12. Hi Senait,
    Have you checked via the DVSA if you have a test booked? You should only book your theory test via the official DVSA government website.

  13. Can I request a refund as I didn’t attend my DVSA Theory Test because I was feeling really unwell with covid 19 symptoms, I remembered it the day after my test. Has this ever happened to someone else before.

  14. Hello sabs,
    The DVSA have a three working day cancellation policy, so I don’t they will accept your reason for not attending and requesting a refund.

  15. I have tried cancelling my theory test for last 2 weeks. The automated phone line just goes dead after entering the 01 extention. When I booked it i was on mobile and my page was closed so I never got to see my reference so and I didn’t receive the usual email confirming the centre location and time etc. I still need to cancel it however I cannot online without a reference and the phone option isn’t available . What do I do?

  16. nick pollard

    I have also emailed them around 2 weeks ago which I have only reviewed the automated response

  17. Hi Nick,
    Both the DVLA and the DVSA simply do not have enough staff to deal with all enquiries at the moment. All I can suggest is that you keep calling at 8am when lines are likely to be less busy.

  18. Tom

    Hi, I booked my test yesterday and I realised I can’t make it so I wanted to cancel and get the money refunded back into my bank account. What should I do? I have checked the dvla website and it says to request a refund I need to provide dvla with a form of evidence. I just want to cancel and get the money sent back into my account.

  19. Hi Tom,
    Provided that you have provided 3 full working days’ notice, (Monday to Saturday count as working days but Sundays and public holidays do not) then along with your name, date of birth and address, you just need to provide the test booking reference and your driving licence number. Your theory test fee will then be refunded. It is a bank holiday weekend, so I wouldn’t expect the refund until at least next week.

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