Road Markings Test Quiz for the Theory Test

There are many different road signs and road markings. One of the largest sections within the driving theory test covers road signs and road markings.

Either test your luck or read through the road signs and road markings tutorials, then test yourself with the road markings quiz below.

Many of the questions in the quiz will be asked during the actual driving theory test.

This free road markings and lines test quiz simply enables you to select the answer you believe to be correct and to select the ‘Check’ button. This allows you to instantly see the answer and enables you to memorise it. If you are unsure which answer to select, use the handy ‘Hint’ button to help.

After you’ve taken the road markings and lines quiz, if you haven’t done so yet, you may also test your ability at road signs with our 45 question road sign test quiz.

Road sign test quiz 1Road sign test quiz 2

Theory test road marking and lines quiz

Theory Test Road Markings and Lines Quiz

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1 thought on “Road Markings Test Quiz for the Theory Test”

  1. Tom

    I like to think I know all the (UK) rules that are within my driving experience. I passed the Florida driving test blind, (no prior experience). These tests are great and I am happy to take more. Thank you.

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