Free Mock Theory Test

Covered in this section is a free mock theory test. The DVSA multiple choice theory test for car drivers and motorcycle riders consists of 50 questions.

Many of the questions will require one answer, while others may require two or more. Before the question, you’ll be informed on how many answers are required. Simply use your computer mouse or touch which answer or answers you think are correct.

Some multiple choice questions will be presented as a case study. Case studies are a set of circumstances to replicate a real life situation. You’ll then be asked questions based on the scenario. See theory test case study for an example.

You will be given 57 minutes to complete the multiple choice of the theory test. To pass this mock test and the real theory test, you need to correctly answer 43 out of the 50 questions (86%).

Any question that you are unsure of, you can select the ‘Review question’ button and come back to it later. Unlike the real theory test, you will provided with hints during this mock theory test (except for the Case Study.)

Only use the hints if you are unable to answer the question. At the end of the test, select ‘Quiz Summary’ to review any questions that you may have answered incorrectly.

Take the free theory mock test
Take the free theory mock test

Mock Theory Test Question Set 1

Select the ‘Start quiz’ button to begin.

Most Difficult Theory Test Questions

Ever wondered which are the most difficult theory test questions that fail the most theory tests? Take a look, it’s not a quiz as the answers are supplied directly to you.