Heckmondwike Driving Test Routes

Recently the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes for each test centre to prevent test candidates from practicing the routes that the examiners take you on.

The driving test routes for Heckmondwike may have altered in the mean-time, although it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Heckmondwike, routes 1-5.

The Heckmondwike driving test routes should be used for a guide only as test routes are for the discretion of the test examiner and may be subject to change.

Driving test routes incorporate the most challenging areas to drive in that particular location. Study the roads and the routes to establish which areas you will need practice on.


Driving test routes for Sat Nav, Google Maps, Google Earth, iPhone, Android & CoPilot Live are available. Browse to see if the Heckmondwike driving test routes are available for your device in the Driving Test Routes for Sat Nav section.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights
  • DTC – Driving Test Centre
Name of Test CentreHeckmondwike
Route Number1
Name/Number of RoadDirection
High StT/L right
Cemetery RdLeft
Brighton StRight
Dale LaneLeft
Jeremy LaneRight
Westfield RdRight
New North RdT/L left
Huddersfield RdT/L left
Bradford RdRight
Wormald StRight
Union RdLeft
Huddersfield RdRight
Roberttown Lane / Far Moor Lane / Huddersfield RdT/L left
Child LaneRight
Lumb LaneT/L left
Huddersfield RdRight
Liversedge Hall LaneT/L ahead
Norristhorpe Lane / Station Lane / Market StT/L right
High StRight
Route Number2
Name/Number of RoadDirection
High St / Halifax RdT/L left
Thorncliffe Rd / Carlton AveLeft
Thorncliffe RdRight
Track RdLeft
Halifax RdLeft
Upper Rd / Town StRight
Mill RdLeft
Town StT/L then
Jack Lane / Peter HillLeft
Common SideRight
High StRight
Kirk GateRight
Bennett LaneLeft
Leeds RdT/L left
Challenge WayRoundabout ahead
Grange RdRoundabout right
Mill Lane / Rouse Mill LaneT/L right
Bradford RdT/L left
Hick Lane / Wellington StRight
Cross St / Commercial StT/L left
Mayman LaneT/L right
Healey LaneLeft
Trafalgar StRight
Woodfield AveLeft
Staincliffe Hall RdT/L right
Halifax Rd / High StLeft
Route Number3
Name/Number of RoadDirection
High StLeft
Batley Rd / Wetpark RdRight
Trafalgar StLeft
Woodfield AveRight
Chestnut AveLeft
Limetree AveLeft
Manor WayRight
Dark LaneLeft
Purlwell LaneRight
Hyrstlands RdRight
Town StLeft
Mill RdLeft
Town St / Upper RdLeft
Halifax RdRight
Northfield Rd / Moorlands AveLeft
Moorlands RdRight
Ashworth RdLeft
Wellington StRight
Huddersfield RdRight
Temple RdRight
Cemetery RdLeft
High StLeft
Thornton StLeft
St Johns Walk / St Johns StLeft
Boothroyd LaneRight
Staincliffe Rd / Dewsbury Gate RdT/L left
Halifax Rd / High StLeft
Route Number4
Name/Number of RoadDirection
High StT/L left
Walkley Lane / Heckmondwike RdLeft
School LaneRight
Staincliffe RdLeft
Heckmondwike RdRight
Burghmill RdLeft
Ravenshouse RdLeft
Ravens AveRight
Ravens CrescentLeft
Huddersfield RdRight
Fall LaneT/L right
Thornhill RdLeft
Saville RdT/L left
Mill St WestT/L ahead
Old WestgateLeft
Nelson StLeft
Ashworth RdLeft
Central St / High StRight
St Matthews Rd
Route Number5
Name/ Number of RoadDirection
High St / Halifax RdLeft
Thorncliffe RdLeft
Track Rd / St Mary’s AveLeft
Track RdRight
Purcevell LaneRight
Bank StRight
Beaumont StLeft
Hartington StLeft
Purcevell Hall Lane / Victoria AveRight
Wellington StLeft
Cross St / Commercial St / Upper
Com St
Stocks LaneLeft
Bradford RdLeft
Centenery WayLeft
Cross Bank RdRight
Centenery RdRight
Mayman LaneRight
Healey Lane / West Park RdRight
Batley RdRight
White Lee LaneLeft
Leeds RdLeft
Leeds Old RdRight
Nunroyd / Jeremy LaneRight
Westfield RdLeft
Fountain StRight
Ings RdRight
Bridge StRight
Jeremy Lane / Heckwike GreenLeft
West Gate / High StRight


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