Theory Test – Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies

Section 5 of 14 of the DVSA driving theory test covers incidents, accidents and emergencies. This category provides revision content for the official DVSA driving theory test.

The incidents, accidents and emergencies category will cover what you should do if your car breaks down, driving safely in a tunnel and what you should do in an emergency.

The section covers what you should do if you’re the first person at the scene of an accident, first aid knowledge and how to help casualties at the accident. Plus reporting the incident to the police.

At the start of this guide is revision material that should be read through in preparation for your test. When you have completed the revision material, there is a practice quiz at the end of the page to test your knowledge on this category.

Links to other page are provided in this section for further reading on a subject but are not necessary for completing this section. Before we take the quiz, we shall cover some of the topics in the ‘incidents, accidents and emergencies’ category that will important revision for the DVSA theory test.

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