Buxton Driving Test Centre

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Practical Driving Test Centre Address
The Dairy
7 Green Lane 


SK17 9DS

Test Centre Details:  Ramp for access to test centre for wheelchair users. Male, female and disabled toilets are available. No parking facilities available at this test centre.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car


Buxton Driving Test Centre is situated in town and rural roads where both will feature on the driving test. Though quiet, these roads can be challenging (see country road driving). Included will be busy junctions, crossroads and roundabouts.

A good and safe knowledge of all driving test manoeuvres is essential and the emergency stop procedure. The Buxton driving test routes are challenging in areas although the average driving test pass rate for Buxton Driving Test Centre is very good. To gain a better understanding of the various road types and traffic systems that you are likely to encounter during your test from Buxton Driving Test Centre, visit our driving test routes section.


If your driving test centre is located in a busy area, it may be of benefit to book your driving test in between the times of 10am and 4pm. This way you will miss out on rush hour traffic that can be problematic for learner drivers. Alternatively, some driving test centres offer test bookings on Saturdays. Driving test fees at the weekend are increased. Driving tests cannot be booked through the test centres directly. To book a driving test, there are 2 options; by phone or online.

Book a driving test by phone
The book a driving test section contains the DVSA telephone numbers for booking a practical driving test at Buxton driving test centres by phone. This telephone number directs you to an automated test booking line, although if you browse the option you can talk to a assistant.

Book your driving test online
To book your driving test online for Buxton Driving Test Centre, see the book a driving test section for all DVSA online test booking information.

Rescheduling or cancelling the driving test
3 working days notice is required to cancel the driving test at Buxton if you require a full refund. The same conditions apply if you wish to reschedule. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done via the contact details above.

Buxton Driving Test Centre
Buxton Driving Test Centre


Driving test pass rates vary considerably depending on which test centre your practical is taken at. Browse the driving test pass rates section for information on your UK DVSA test centre pass rates.


Though it is possible to call driving test centres directly, if you wish to book or alter a driving test, this must be done via the DVSA (see above). Buxton Driving Test Centre telephone number may be either located on this page or via the driving test centre contact numbers section.

Test centres can be contacted only for an up to date status of tests, such as whether they are still being conducted in bad weather for example. See driving tests in bad weather for further information.


In order to help others that are taking their driving test, or to simply tell us whether you passed or failed your driving test, write a review of Buxton Driving Test Centre. Rate this driving test centre based on your experience using them, what was your examiner like and how difficult were the test routes? It’s quick and simple – no signup necessary and only your nickname will be displayed. To ensure your review meets our guidelines, please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submission.

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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Kerry

I had my test there last month and thought the examiner was so unfair, had 3 minors but failed me for not looking in my mirror on a up hill start, even though I did because I rolled back a bit n looked to see if anything was behind me in which there wasn’t, to me this should of been a minor fail or no fail at all has one there was nothing behind me to cause a serious and two not my fault he didn’t see me look in the mirror so disappointed, going try again this month

 by Unknown

The examiner was late and the test ran for over and an hour. Worse the examiner forgotten to test me on the manoeuvres so has to do that right at the end when he finally remembers and drove for another extra 5/10 minutes. Also he didn't remember to ask me about the show me question. He failed me for a small and common mistake which I have heard many people have done during their test and have managed to pass. Clearly the examiner head was somewhere else.