Fiat 500 Dashboard Warning Lights – Page 2

Fiat 500 dashboard warning lights continued. Page 2.

Fiat 500 glow plug dashboard light
Glow Plugs

Glow plug heating is for diesel versions only and will illuminate on the Fiat 500 dashboard when ignition is switched to MAR and will go out then heating has finished, at which point vehicle car be started. The duration of the light illumination varies depending on external temperatures. Preheating failure will be indicated by a flashing symbol and depending on which model of vehicle, a message on the display. Assistance from a Fiat technician will be required.

Fiat 500 DPF dashboard light
DPF Dashboard LIGHT

The DPF light indicates that the particulate filter is being cleaned (on diesel versions only). Light illuminates to inform the driver the filter needs cleaning. This is a self-cleaning process but the driver if possible should drive for at least 15 minutes at at least 60 km/h
with engine speed over 2000 rpm. The DPF light will go out once the cleaning process has been completed.

Fiat 500 ESC failure dashboard light
ESC Failure
ESC Action / Failure Dashboard  WARNING LIGHT

Under normal procedure, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) light should come on with the ignition turned to MAR and should go out shortly when the engine has started. ESC failure will be indicated by the symbol remaining on after ignition, or on some versions of the Fiat 500, the symbol may be accompanied by a message. In this instance, contact a Fiat technician. Whilst driving, it is normal for the ESC light to flash as this indicates the system is in action.

Fiat 500 hill holder failure dashboard light
Hill Holder

The Fiat 500 hill holder function may have failed if the ESC symbol (see above) illuminates and with certain models, accompanied by the hill holder dashboard symbol and a message in the display panel.

Fiat 500 code system failure dashboard light
Code System
Code System Failure WARNING LIGHT

The Fiat code system is an anti-theft immobiliser device. Symbol will illuminate and depending on the model vehicle version, with a message on the dashboard. The key should communicate using a dedicated code with the engine control unit to deactivate the immobiliser. IF the code is incorrect or there’s a fault, the symbol will illuminate. In this situation, the key should be turned to the STOP position and then back to MAR. If issue continues, try again with the other key provided with the car.

If symbol illuminates whilst driving, the system is conducting a self-test. If light remains on, at the first opportunity, turn the key to the STOP position, and then to MAR. If not failure is detected, symbol will not illuminate. If problem still persists, turn key to STOP position for 30 seconds and try again. Failing this, seek assistant from a Fiat dealership.

Fiat 500 city brake system failure dashboard light
City Brake

The Fiat City Brake Control System automatically applies the brakes to avoid a collision. The City Brake Control System and Collision Mitigation system light illuminates when the system has been deactivated in the system menu.

Fiat 500 city dashboard light
CITY Power Steering Dash LIGHT

The CITY symbol illuminates (a symbol appears on the display on some versions of the Fiat 500) when “Dualdrive” electric
power steering is activated.

Fiat 500 tyre pressure warning light
Tyre Pressure Warning
Tyre Pressure Low Warning LIGHT

Depending on the year of manufacture, the Fiat 500 may be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). A yellow warning light will illuminate on the dashboard to warn that the sensors has detected one or more tyres have deflated to a hazardous level. Check tyre pressures as soon as possible. If you have checked pressures and the light still remains on, see tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on.

Fiat 500 STOP warning light
STOP Light
Fiat 500 STOP Warning LIGHT

This ‘STOP’ warning light illuminates when one or more of the stop light (break light) bulbs fail. The failure could be related to one or more blown bulbs, a blown protection fuse, or a break in the electrical connection.

Fiat 500 Engine Stop / Start Activated
Stop / Start Activated
Fiat 500 Engine Stop / Start Deactivated
Stop / Start Deactivated
Fiat 500 Engine Stop / Start

Fiat 500 stop / start technology to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Stop / Start may be deactivated due to certain circumstances such as: Engine is still cold, battery is at low charge, heated rear window is activated, front windscreen wiper is at maximum speed, DPF filter is regenerating (diesels only), driver’s door is not closed, driver’s seat belt is not fastened, reverse gear is engaged, automatic climate control (if fitted) has not yet reached the desired temperature.

Fiat 500 Electric Throttle Control Dashboard Warning Lights
Electric Throttle Control
Fiat 500 Electronic Throttle Control

The lightening bolt symbol is the electronic throttle control warning light (ETC). Light may illuminate in red. This light may either stay on or flash depending on the fault. When safe to do so, stop, place the transmission in the park position and switch off the engine. If the light remains on after a restart, the vehicle is still drivable but have system checked as soon as possible. This light may turn on if the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at the same time. If the light stays on and is flashing, immediate service is required. During this, reduced engine power (limp mode) may be experienced, possible uneven engine performance and stalling. There is a possibility that the vehicle will require towing.

Fiat 500 Transmission Fault Dashboard Warning Lights
Transmission Fault
Fiat 500 Transmission Fault

The ‘cog’ containing an exclamation mark is a fault detected with automatic transmission / gear box. Light will illuminate on the dashboard along with an audible buzzer. Stop the car when safe to do so and switch off the engine. Fault light may go out after a restart. If light remains on, have vehicle fault codes checked with diagnostic equipment to locate the malfunction.

Fiat 500 seat belt unfastened dashboard warning light
Seat Belt Unfastened
Fiat 500 door open dashboard warning light
Door Open
Fiat 500 left indicator dashboard light
Left Indicator
Fiat 500 right indicator dashboard light
Right Indicator
Fiat 500 heated rear window dashboard light
Heated Rear Window
Fiat 500 heated windscreen dashboard light
Heated Windscreen
Fiat 500 main beam dashboard light
Main Beam Lights
Fiat 500 side lights dashboard light
Side Lights
Fiat 500 speed limiter dashboard light
Speed Limiter
Fiat 500 cruise control dashboard light
Cruise Control


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  1. Pat

    What is the symbol ‘1c’ that has come on my dashboard?

  2. helene farb

    it looks like the letter P and underneath it it reads auto

  3. Christine Etherington

    What does a yellow exclamation mark mean

  4. Arda Norcross

    what does a V with a snowflake in the middle mean?

  5. Hello Arda,
    It’s a frost warning indicator light. The roads might be frosty / icy so the indicator comes on to warn you to drive with extra care.

  6. Ken Sweeney

    What does a crossed out incomplete triangle on a FIAT 500 ( 2020 model) mean?

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