Hither Green Driving Test Centre

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Practical Driving Test Centre Address
42-44 Ennersdale Road
Hither Green
Greater London

SE13 6JD

Test Centre Details:  Small kerb onto pavement level, small step into test centre. Hither Green Driving Test Centre itself on one level without stairs. Ample parking on site for vehicles. Please do not park anymore than 5 minutes before the driving test. Please reverse into marked parking space. Male and female toilets.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi, Approved driving instructor – part two, Approved driving instructor – part three


Being relatively close to central London, Hither Green Driving Test Centre is situated around very busy urban roads where the test examiner will require a high degree of knowledge of various road systems. Excellent ability and safety of roundabouts, junctions and crossroads is essential.

Quiet residential roads are often incorporated into the driving test. These roads present hazardous conditions due to being narrow. Ability to manoeuvre the car for oncoming traffic is important. See the passing parked cars tutorial for advice. Faster paced roads such as the A20 and A205 being likely.

One of the four test manoeuvres will be requested and the emergency stop procedure has a 1-in-3 possibility. The independent part of the test reserves 10 minutes of test time.

Test routes are available for many of the test centres and may include Hither Green driving test routes. Viewing the test routes provide test candidates with an insight into the various types of roads and traffic systems they’re likely to encounter. The Hither Green test routes for sat nav and other navigation devices have been fully updated for the latest 2019 driving tests.


Taking the driving test from Hither Green Driving Test Centre is challenging due to difficult test route roads and large traffic volumes. Ensure you are highly proficient in your driving test manoeuvres. Read our in-depth tutorials on these manoeuvres in the Driving test tutorials section. Check for weekend Saturday driving test availability.

If the traffic flow is reduced around the Hither Green area during Saturdays, booking your test during this time will provide an advantage. If weekday bookings suite you, the ideal time is around 10am to 3pm. This will miss out on rush hour traffic.

Hither Green Driving Test Centre
Hither Green Driving Test Centre

Book a driving test by phone
To book a practical driving test at the Hither Green Driving Test Centre by telephone, please visit the book a driving test section for all practical driving test booking telephone numbers. This is an automated line although if you have any queries regarding the test, a DVSA assistant can be reached by following the options available.

Book your driving test online
To book your driving test online for Hither Green Driving Test Centre, see the book a driving test section for all DVSA contact information.

Rescheduling or cancelling the driving test
Rescheduling or cancelling the test from Hither Green can be done via the above contact methods. If by telephone, talk to a DVSA assistant regarding this matter. A minimum of 3 working days notice is necessary if you with to reschedule to a later date or to receive a full refund if cancelling.


Driving test pass rates vary for many reasons. Often the location of the test centre has an impact on pass rates. Once you have located your nearest test centre, the driving test pass rates section offers pass rate statistics for most of the UK practical driving test centres.


It is possible in some cases to contact your practical driving test centre only to inform the centre manager that you may be running late, or if a scheduled driving test is still going ahead due to for example bad weather. See driving tests in bad weather for further information. Driving tests cannot be rearranged, booked or cancelled via test centres directly and can only be done via the DVSA. The Hither Green Driving Test Centre contact telephone number may be located within the driving test centre contact numbers section.

Driving Test Cancellations

If your driving test has been cancelled by the DVSA or they are unable to conduct your test due to bad weather or an examiner unable to attend due to illness, you may claim out-of-pocket expenses. Please see here.


Writing a review of Hither Green Driving Test Centre whether good or bad will help others in deciding which test centre to use and what to expect on their driving test. As an example, let other know whether you passed or failed, what your examiner was like, how difficult was it and what were the test routes like. It’s quick and simple – no signup necessary and only your nickname will be displayed. To ensure your review meets our guidelines, please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submission.

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Average rating:  
 37 reviews
 by anon

Had a dreadful experience at this place, the guy came out and my first reaction was is this some sort of joke? Standing there with his clip board like some sort of pound shop Sargent Major, a rude and arrogant sort whos main aim was to intimidate and unnerve. I had to stop the test after about 10 minutes, I just could not deal with him, there was no way I he was going to pass me anyway unfortunately I cant remember his name but I can guarantee you anyone who works there will know exactly who I am talking about. An idiot consumed with his own sense of importance and enjoying his pathetic little bit of power to the fullest. what made the whole thing worse was that anyone else I met there and my instructors etc were so friendly and professional. I got the short straw :(. a lot of money wasted for nothing.

 by Sarah

Had my test on 19th April and passed, this was my 3rd attempt, my first 2 test centres were at Pinner. I found this site on 18th April and came across many negative reviews for Stevie and the test centre in general. I had Stevie for my test and I passed. My driving school instructor did say to me later that as there were a lot of complains regarding Stevie that he was trying to be nice, he was actually quite helpful, made sure he repeated his instructions and that I understood them, did alert me in a give way area where the signs were not clear. I was a bunch of nerves when I read all these negative reviews on this site regarding the test and centre and Stevie, you could imaging my horror when I realised that he was my instructor, he has a very straightforward way of speaking to you which could come across as rude an abrupt, I would say just ignore his tone of voice and focus on the road and your driving. I did get a shout from him midway when I was driving below the speed limit of 50. the trick is not to get anxious in the moment

 by Amy Smith

Had my test here yesterday 27.11.2019. And passed. 1st time no minors. Test was at 2.32pm. I had a lovely examiner called Paul. We had a chat most of the way round which really relaxed me. The test was over in no time at all. And im now a very happy licence holder.

 by Thomas

Had a test with examiner Steve.Extremely unprofessional and patronising.Wants you to fail

 by BH

Read about driving examiner Mr.S on here with the sunglasses and prayed to God that I didn't get him. Lo and behold, I got him. I can confirm every review about him below is accurate, he really is such a miserable, arrogant human being. It literally felt like he just wanted to fail me for the sake of failing me? He kept making me feel like I was stupid the entire time, giving really late directions and then changing directions on short notice/once I was about to turn into the opposite direction. He made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I have no idea why DVLA has still employed him. If he ever reads this, please chin up or find another job that doesn't involve you meeting new people every day, you clearly have no people skills.

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