Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre

Provided are contact details for Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre, test route tips, test booking information and help passing the driving test in Devon.


Practical Driving Test Centre Address
Vander House
Brunel Road
Newton Abbot
TQ12 4YQ

Test Centre Details:  Level car park with single opening door, opening outwards to driving test centre. Level access to all facilities. Male and female toilets available. Test candidate car parking facilities available.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car


Expect rural country road driving and high speed ‘A’ roads such as the A380 dual carriageway from Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre. Rural roads often represent a challenge for novice drivers due to high speeds met with harsh corners. To gain an understanding of a safe and appropriate speed for these road types, see the country road driving tutorial.

The test will include in-town driving where you will be assessed on most traffic systems such as roundabouts, crossroads and junctions. The examiner will request a single test manoeuvre, on occasions they may request two manoeuvres if time permits.

Involved will be a 1-in-3 possibility of the emergency stop. Test centre routes are designed by the examiners who conduct practical tests at their local test centre. The routes are designed in such a way so to involve as many diverse roads and traffic systems as possible, often including very challenging parts.

Gaining knowledge of the test routes provides valuable insight into the type of roads that will be taken during your test. Driving test routes may be available to view or a downloadable app for your mobile device in your area, including Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre.


Test centres offer a variety of times that tests can be booked throughout the day. Available times are displayed upon booking. Many test candidates benefit from booking their test so that it takes place over the quieter periods of the day.

Book a driving test by phone
Practical driving tests can be booked over the telephone via an automated service. To book a test at Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre, see the book a driving test section for booking contact telephone numbers. Although this is an automated service, a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assistant can be reached by following the prompts.

Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre
Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre

Book your driving test online
The majority of test candidates book their driving test over the internet as the available free test slots are made visible to be taken. To make a test booking at Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre, see the book a driving test section.

Rescheduling or cancelling the driving test
Driving Tests can be rescheduled or cancelled. Changing your driving test date can be done providing three working days’ notice is given. To cancel your test and receive a full refund from DVSA bookings, three working days’ notice must also be provided. Saturdays are also classed as a working day.


Throughout the UK practical driving test centres, pass rates vary. Certain centres, often in very busy areas may have a slightly lower pass rate and in this situation, some test candidates decide to take their test at an alternative test centre. The driving test pass rates section may show driving test pass rate statistics for your practical test centre.


Your practical driving test centre contact telephone number (including Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre) may be located on your test booking email confirmation, or found within the driving test centre contact numbers section. Test centres must not be contacted to book, cancel or amend a driving test however (see above), and only to contact the centre manager if you have any questions or concerns regarding your test, for example if a test is still going ahead due to bad weather (See driving tests in bad weather for further information).


Write a review of Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre to let others know how your test went. You can tell people if you passed or failed the driving test, what the test routes were like, were there difficult parts? Tell us what the test centre was like, was there adequate facilities? Was it easy to find? and what was your examiner like on the day? It’s quick and simple – no signup necessary and only your nickname will be displayed. To ensure your review meets our guidelines, please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submission.

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Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by km

the worst test centre especially. a woman called bev she shouted at me multiple times made me feel like crap and I wasted my money to be spoken to like a child

 by Anonymous

I seem to find the instructors very rude. They all work so differently, more stricter than others, just no pleasant ness in any of the cars which doesn’t do any good for anxious people. The pass quota is just degrading. It’s so expensive the tests to be spoken to like crap. Nodding their heads at you if you make a wrong turn. Not very professional. It’s like setting up to fail at Newton abbot test centre.
Just catching up money due to covid.

 by J

At least there was some free coffee and a biscuit in the waiting room. I understand examiners see loads of people a day and passing and failing is just part of it all. I did fail my test, which I accept. however, my examiner failed on multiple occasions to see me check all mirrors, and claimed I had no awareness of what was going on around me, and claimed I rushed through the test, which is simply untrue. She was also rather unfriendly, not saying a peep other than her prescribed instructions before, and during the test. It's probably a common complaint for examiners to be rude and unfriendly, but as soon as I met her I could tell that it was going to be a very uncomfortable test for everyone involved.

 by Awful!!

Absolute disgrace of a man. Rude and started shouting. I don’t recommend taking your test here

 by Sue

I recently had my test,I did fail,And to be very honest,I could tell early on this was the case. I will however be questioning if those whom have our own car,Can have camera,s in our car,s.As I found the Examiner made a few mistakes,Yet I was penalised for this. I expected to be taken around Newton abbot. This be warned was not the case,We hit the Dual Carraigeway,Where on this day was slightly windy. I had to have windows all fully down.Whilst trying to listen to a sat nav. I failed for the following marked as serious( which happened within the first 15 minates,1st distance,I was in the 3rd lane,It was not wet,With atleast 2 car distances possibly 3 as the gap. Doing just under 60mph. I failed because of the distance. 2ndly my car,Automatically turns the indicator off. It took a good minate. That was my 2nd severe fail. Now I only wish someone else was in the car. Because I know and was aware,That the gap was that big. I was doing just under 60mph,In full control,Checking mirrors etc. I,m shocked someone did not get in that space. The lady in this case told me to have a Read of the highway code before resitting. I do respect her opinion after all shes the test examiner. But I was so so nervous,At the beginning. She did nothing to try ease that. We then drove around kingsteignton. We left at 925.Arrived bk 10.15am. Not atall what I expected,In all honesty. So please be expected for the totally unexpected. And even expect not to be driving around Newton abbot.Their was not much friendly behaviour shown. And I think thats something this peticlar Examiner should work on. I can,t see her passing many put it that way. Good luck. I will be reattempting,But keeping fingers crossed its not the same person.

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