Hendon Driving Test Centre

Provided are contact details for Hendon Driving Test Centre, test route tips, test booking information and help passing the driving test in London.


Practical Driving Test Centre Address
3 Aviation Drive
Beaufort Park

Greater London


Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilet facilities available. Test candidate parking facilities include 2 bays for disabled candidates.
Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi


Hendon Driving Test Centre is situated around busy roads where the testing examiner will require a high level of knowledge and safety of various road systems. These are to include junctions, roundabouts (to include mini roundabouts) and crossroads. Typically these traffic systems range from off main routes to narrow residential streets.

Quiet residential roads are likely to feature. These roads represent a hazard due to being narrow with oncoming traffic. Passing parked cars and dealing with oncoming vehicles often represents a challenge to learner drivers.

Rural roads may also feature from Hendon Driving Test centre as it is situated on the outskirts of London. Rural roads often have harsh bends where the ideal way of dealing with this can be found in the country road driving tutorial.

Approximately 10 minutes will be set aside for independent driving. In most cases one test manoeuvre will be requested with around a 1-in-3 possibility of the emergency stop procedure. The Hendon driving test routes may be available to look at as a reference to the various types of roads that the examiner will take you on during the test.


If the traffic in your area is reduced during Saturdays, it may be of benefit to book your test during this time. A higher test fee is applicable for Saturday tests. Good tips for the test is to get a good idea of the various Hendon driving test routes. Understanding these routes will help your ability during the test.

Hendon Driving Test Centre
Hendon Driving Test Centre

Book a driving test by phone
To book a practical driving test at the Hendon driving test centres by phone, book a driving test section contains all DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) telephone contact information for practical driving tests. A DVSA assistant can be requested via the options given if you have any queries regarding your test.

Book your driving test online
Driving test internet bookings are often the preferred option due to the free slot availability being displayed to the test candidates. See the book a driving test section for booking a practical driving test at Hendon.

Rescheduling or cancelling the driving test
3 working days notice is required to cancel the driving test at Hendon if you require a full refund. The same conditions apply if you wish to reschedule. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done via the contact details above.


The pass rates vary depending on which driving test centre that you take your practical test with. Once you have found a test centre closest to you, the driving test pass rates section will provide you with an indication of the statistics for that test centre.


It is possible in some cases to contact your practical driving test centre only to inform the centre manager that you may be running late, or if a scheduled driving test is still going ahead due to for example bad weather. See driving tests in bad weather for further information.

Driving tests cannot be rearranged, booked or cancelled via test centres directly and can only be done via the DVSA. The Hendon Driving Test Centre contact telephone number may be located within the driving test centre contact numbers section.


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Average rating:  
 24 reviews
 by Husna shabnam

Today 7th of December 2023 I had my driving exam in Hendon test centre and the examiner name was Lilly . She is extremely excellent. I felt very very comfortable with her. I didn’t believe that I could make it this much easily today. She is really friendly. I pray for you guys to have an examiner like her on your test day. She is perfect and lovely😍😍😍😍

 by Natalia

Just passed my test in Hendon with Lily S. I am so happy that she was my examiner. From the very beginning she gave me such a good and comfortable vibe. Even if I was nervous and anxious when we started the exam, her attitude and calm made me to fell comfortable and confident. I would love other people to have the same experience like I had, and meet this lovely person.

 by Yasmin

Just passed my test in Hendon with Caroline Townsend, she was amazing in keeping me calm, I was really nervous but Caroline helped me stay calm with her friendly and calm approach.. we need more like her. A massive thanks to her.

 by .

Just passed my test at Hendon but I am really dissatisfied with my experience. My examiner Ilana was very unkind and off-putting; she kept muttering under her breath and shaking her head throughout my whole test. She shouted at me near the beginning of the test about a temporary traffic light - I said I was going to wait at the light and she started laughing and shaking her head, 'What line?! There is no line,' so I had to repeat myself to explain I'd said 'light'. She then carried on muttering things to herself that I couldn't hear and I found it really hard to recover. At the end of the test she said with a stern face that I had passed and admitted that she had made a mistake by telling me off about the light, then proceeded to berate me for my lack of confidence on the road, which was honestly just because she had been tutting next to me the whole time. Even when she was giving me my pass certificate, she carried on making quiet sarcastic comments about my driving and laughing to herself ('That manoeuvre ... I thought you were gonna drive us right through the bushes at one point!'). Really horrible experience when it could have been such uncontroversial cause for celebration; the examiner seemed determined to undermine my confidence from start to finish.

 by .

I got an instructor called Benny. If you get him you have two choices:
1. cancel the test once you find out your examiner is Benny
2. if you still choose to bravely go ahead with the test, know that Benny will look for any silly little reason to fail you. Ensure the following; make dramatic and theatrical mirror checks, he has a fatter than average neck so can't always see you making your mirror checks due to his restricted movement.

I failed my test as Benny claimed I did not check my rear mirror when stopping the car for a pedestrian in front of my car. A pedestrian ran in front of my car and I braked. I agree I did not check the rear mirror. However, checking this would not have changed the need to immediately brake whatsover, as there was a pedestrian running in front of the car.

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