Lost Theory Certificate

When it comes to booking the practical driving test, you will need your driving licence number, but will not usually require your theory test pass certificate number. If your theory test pass number is requested, but you do not have it, contact the DVSA.

If you are booking your driving test, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your full name as it appears on your driving licence
  • Your UK driving licence number
  • Your date of birth

Can you take the practical driving test if you have lost the theory test certificate?

Yes, you will not need your theory test pass number when attending your driving test appointment.  The test examiner only asks to see your driving licence and will check on their system that you have passed the theory test.

Driving theory test pass certificate
Driving theory test pass certificate

Expired Theory Test

Once you have passed your theory test, you’ll have 2 years in which to pass your driving test. If you haven’t passed your driving test within 2 years of passing your theory test, you’ll need to reapply and take your theory test again.

Information for lost theory certificate

In the event that you have lost your theory test certificate number and have been asked to produce it, contact:

  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
    PO Box 349
    NE12 2GN
  • Telephone: 0300 200 1122 for customer enquiries. Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
  • Email: theorycustomerservices@dvsa.gov.uk
  • Further details: www.gov.uk

14 thoughts on “Lost Theory Certificate”

  1. cassie leighton

    i have emailed about my certificate but i still have no reply. ive been told i dont need this for my practical but then ive been told you do. i still have not got a reply about this as i need my paper for my test.

  2. Hello Cassie,
    In my experience, you do not need your theory test pass certificate to take your practical test. However, just to be sure, perhaps try giving the DVSA a call on 0300 200 1122 and speak to someone directly in regards to obtaining your theory test pass certificate number.

  3. Hani Gide

    Hii good afternoon i lost my theory certificate number can you help me please
    MY Thanks

  4. Hi Hani,
    Can you follow the DVSA web link above for details on how to find your theory test number please.

  5. Katie

    I’ve lost my pass certificate but I have a photo, so I know the number. Will I still need to order a new certificate?

  6. Hi Katie,
    To avoid any potential of your driving test being cancelled on the day, I would recommend contacting the DVSA to have them officially clarify this.

  7. Katy

    I can’t get through to get a replacement theory test certificate

  8. Hi Katy, You don’t need a replacement theory test certificate to take a driving test, the examiner will check that you’ve passed the theory before the practical test begins. If you need your theory test pass number, follow the links above.

  9. Diana Roberts

    I’ve been ringing DVSA for 3 months and still can’t get through to anyone!
    I’ve emailed them several times and NEVER had a reply.
    Will my son be able to take his driving test without his theory pass number?

  10. Hi Diana,
    Yes, they’re a bit of a nightmare at the moment aren’t they.
    I have had several driving tests before now where the test candidate attended without their theory certificate / number. The provisional licence is the most important part and the examiner should be able to check on their system if they need to confirm a theory test pass. I can’t say that my experience is a guarantee to you, but if you hopefully get a sensible examiner then you shouldn’t have any problems.

  11. Maiwand

    Hi there , I have pass my theory test and my practical test but my instructor didnt apply for my driving license and I was away for while , so now I’m back I would like to get my license how do I that shall do everything all over again or I can apply for my license somewhere ? Thanks

  12. Keziah

    Ive lost my theory test sheet from when i passed. However have a photo of it with all the information. Will i need to contact the DVSA

  13. Hi Keziah,
    No, you do not need to contact the DVSA or arrange for a replacement certificate. When you take your practical driving test, the examiner will use your driving licence details to check on the DVSA database to ensure you have a valid theory test pass.

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