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  Driving test tips, help & advice for learner drivers
What to expect on the driving test  

Mock driving test tips

  • Take a mock driving test not only with your instructor but with an alternative instructor.
  • If taking private driving lessons and you intend on taking a mock driving test, print a mock driving test report sheet and follow the advice found in what to expect on a driving test.
  • Take the mock driving test around your test centre and difficult parts of the test routes.
  • Extend the mock exam to incorporate all manoeuvres and the emergency stop.
  • If you fail a mock driving test, take further driving lessons of reschedule the real driving test.
  • Take mock driving tests over various times of day to emulate all traffic conditions.


Mock driving test

Many learner driver go into the driving test without previously taking a mock driving test. Although it is not essential to take a mock driving test, it can significantly improve your chances of passing the real exam.

A mock driving test allows you and your instructor to identify any areas of your driving that need improvement before taking the DSA practical driving test

This section will offer tips for learner drivers and also advice for those taking private lessons who intend on taking a mock driving test. The actual driving examiners driving test report sheet is also available for download, which can be used for a mock driving test.

Practical driving test mock exam

As a learner driver gains a good level of proficiency in driving and test standard is in sight, taking a mock driving test is beneficial. It is of course significantly cheaper if you have failed a mock driving test and not the real one. Failing the real DSA test involves more test booking fees, often further driving lessons and there is also the driving test waiting times to take into account.

Of course using your existing instructor for a mock driving test is convenient although using a different instructor just for a mock test is also an advantage. A 'fresh' set of eyes on your driving standard will certainly filter out any areas that are in need of improvement.

During the course of your driving lessons, you will have likely become accustomed to the way the instructors car drives and may be using reference points specific to that car. With this in mind, try to find an identical mock driving test car when looking for an alternative instructor.

Car and L-plate

Mock driving test private tuition

If you are teaching a learner or if you are a learner receiving driving lessons privately off family or friends, a fully qualified driving instructor is best qualified to provide a mock driving test. If you wish to conduct a mock driving test however, download DL25 driving test report sheet which is used by examiners during the practical driving test. Print a copy and use it as a mock driving test report sheet. An explanation of all the sections can be found in driving test report explained.

Although the real practical driving test will only involve a single manoeuvre and a 1 in 3 possibility of the emergency stop, ask your instructor for an extended mock driving test. An extended mock driving test should last a little over 1 hour and will involve all driving manoeuvres and the emergency stop.

This mock exam should also include around 10 minutes of independent driving, dual carriageways (if applicable in your area) and to cover as many challenging areas on the driving test routes that are applicable to your driving test centre.

Failed mock driving test

If you have failed a mock driving test by your current instructor or by an alternative instructor, it is unlikely you will pass the real driving test exam. Try if possible to take further driving lessons before your test practicing the areas that you have failed the mock exam. If there is not enough time, push the driving test forward to a later date.


You are able to do this free of charge providing you give the DSA a minimum of 3 working days notice. Saturdays are classed as a working day to the DSA. All DSA contact information can be obtained in the How to start learning to drive section.

Mock driving test booking

Any fully qualified driving instructor is able to provide a mock driving test. When contacting a driving instructor, simply explain how many driving lessons you have previously had and that you are at test standard but would like the opinion of an alternative instructor.

Ask the instructor which car they use for tuition as using the same make and model as your current instructor will be of benefit.

Mock driving test lesson

Take a mock driving test within a minimum of a 2 hour lesson. This will allow you 40 minutes or so to warm up, just as real test. A real driving test will last for around 40 minutes, a mock exam will last around 1 hour so as to incorporate all manoeuvres and the emergency stop.