Nissan Micra Dashboard Warning Lights

This section covers the dashboard warning lights and engine management symbols of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan with their popular Micra.

The vast majority of cars use warning lights to display active utilities or issues detected by on board computers. Many symbols are universal, though some may vary slightly on your Nissan Micra depending on the location of manufacture.

As with almost all vehicles, the colour of the symbol is relative. Blue and green symbols illuminate to illustrate a utility if running. Amber, orange or yellow dashboard lights symbolise something requires attention. This could be for example a service is due.

Red lights will generally symbolise something needs needs attention much sooner and red flashing lights or lights accompanied by an audible sound will require urgent attention where safety may become an issue or potential damage to the vehicle engine.

The Nissan Micra dashboard lights and symbols are detailed below with use of a symbol pictures, information and description, plus an explanation of what action should be taken.

Nissan Micra anti-lock brake system (ABS) dashboard warning light

When the ignition is turned to the ON position on the Nissan Micra, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light illuminates and shortly turns off. This informs you the system is operational. If light comes on whilst driving or stays on after engine start, this indicates a malfunction in the ABS where a Nissan technician will need to check system. A fault with the ABS does not affect normal braking. ABS is used primarily to prevent wheels from locking under harsh braking. For an understanding of ABS and what it does see, ABS.

Nissan Micra (exclamation mark) brake dashboard warning light
Brake Warning
BRAKING Warning Dashboard Light

The red exclamation mark contained in a red circle provide information for the parking brake (handbrake) and foot brakes. With ignition on, the brake warning light will illuminate when the parking brake is applied. Ensure parking brake is fully released. If parking brake is fully released and light comes on, this informs the driver of a low level of brake fluid. Brake fluid levels must be checked within the engine compartment urgently as braking may become inefficient. If brake fluid levels are correct, this may indicate air in the system and vehicle must be checked by a Nissan technician.

Nissan Micra battery charge dashboard warning light
Battery Charge
Battery Charge WARNING LIGHT

Light will illuminate for a short period after ignition. If light comes on or stays on, this indicates the battery is not receiving sufficient charge. This may be due to faulty alternator or generator belt. Check belt is not loose or broken. If light remains on, do not continue to drive vehicle and seek assistance from Nissan technician. See Why is the battery warning light on for further help.

Nissan Micra Oil pressure dashboard warning light
Oil Pressure
Low Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT

This light illuminates on the Nissan Micra to inform of low oil pressure and not low engine oil levels. If the low oil pressure light flickers or illuminates whilst driving, find a safe area to stop and turn off the engine immediately. Running the engine with low oil pressure can cause irreparable damage to the engine. Do not restart engine and seek the assistance of Nissan technician.

Nissan Micra engine temperature dashboard warning light
Engine Temperature
High Engine Temperature WARNING LIGHT

Light illuminates with ignition temporarily to indicates sensors are operational. If light illuminates whilst driving, this indicates engine temperature is extremely high. Find a safe place to pull over and turn engine off immediately. Allow to cool down for around 20 minutes. Check engine coolant levels when engine has cooled. If light continues to illuminate, do not run engine as serious damage may occur. Seek assistance from authorised technician to have the problem resolved.

Nissan Micra power steering (PS) failure dashboard warning light
Power Steering
Power Steering Failure WARNING LIGHT

The power steering ‘PS’ warning light illuminates temporarily after engine ignition. If the symbol remains on or illuminates when driving, this suggests a failure with the power steering. Normal steering will remain unaffected though steering assistance will be inactive. You will likely notice the steering wheel difficult to turn especially whilst turning and traveling slowly. Assistance is required from Nissan technician.

Nissan Micra air bag failure dashboard warning light
Air Bag
Nissan Micra front passenger air bag off dashboard warning light
Passenger Air Bag
Supplemental Air Bag WARNING LIGHT

When ignition is turned to ON, system self-checks where symbol remains lit on the Nissan Micra for 7 seconds to inform system SRS air bags are operational. If, the light remains on after 7 seconds, light flashes, or light fails to illuminate at all, there is a fault in the supplemental front air bags and/or pretensioner systems and fault should be diagnosed by Nissan technician. The front passenger air bag light will be illuminated and the passenger front air bag will be OFF depending on how the front passenger seat is being used. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Nissan Micra malfunction dashboard warning light
Malfunction Light
Malfunction Indicator WARNING LIGHT (MIL)

If the MIL symbol is lit constantly or blinks whilst engine is running, it may indicate an emission control malfunction. Symbol may remain lit if fuel cap is lose or missing. If symbols is lit for 20 seconds and flashes for 10 seconds when engine is not running, it indicates the vehicle is ready emission control system
inspection / maintenance test. If the symbol constantly flashes, an engine misfire has been detected and can damage the emissions control system.

To avoid damage, do not exceed 45 mph (72 km/h), avoid hard acceleration or deceleration, avoid steep uphill gradients and try and avoid the amount of weight in vehicle. If light continues to flash or remains on steady, seek assistance from a Nissan technician.

Nissan Micra slip indicator dashboard warning light
Slip Indicator

This indicator light will flash when the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system or the Traction Control System (TCS) is operating. If the Slip Indicator Warning light flashes, it if informing you that the vehicle is running at its limits and that the vehicle is moving too fast for the conditions. The road surface may be slippery.

Nissan Micra Vehicle Dynamic Control OFF dashboard warning light
Vehicle Dynamic Control
Vehicle Dynamic Control OFF WARNING LIGHT

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) offers stability to the vehicle, most particularly in adverse road, weather and driving conditions. The VDC light should come on for around 2 seconds when ignition is switched on and go out. If light comes on whilst driving, it suggests a fault with the VDC system. If after a restart the light remains permanently on, seek assistance from a Nissan dealership.

Nissan Micra Key Security dashboard warning light
Security Indicator LIGHT

The ‘Key’ in a car symbol indicates the Nissan Micra Security System is working. The symbol light flashes whenever the ignition switch is placed in the LOCK, OFF or ACC position. This flashing indicates the security system equipped on the vehicle is operational.

Nissan Micra Low Fuel dashboard warning light
Low Fuel
Nissan Micra Low Fuel 2nd version dashboard warning light
Low Fuel (2)
Nissan Micra Low Windshield Fluid dashboard warning light
Low Windshield Fluid
Nissan Micra Seat Belt Unfastened dashboard warning light
Seat Belt Unfastened
Nissan Micra Door Open dashboard warning light
Door Open
Nissan Micra Turning Signals dashboard warning light
Turning Signals
Nissan Micra High Beam dashboard warning light
High Beam
Nissan Micra Front Fog Lights dashboard warning light
Front Fog Lights
Nissan Micra Park Symbol dashboard warning light
‘P’ Park Symbol
Nissan Micra Cruise Control dashboard warning light
Cruise Control
Nissan Micra O/D Overdrive OFF dashboard warning light
O/D Overdrive OFF

51 thoughts on “Nissan Micra Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Gwen

    Will the red key light flashing flatten the battery

  2. Hello Gwen,
    No it wont flatten the battery. The light uses a very small amount of energy and will make little difference to the battery under general use of the car.

  3. Emi


    Brought old Nissan micra, the temperature warning light is blue when I drive and I have no heating but the fans work

    Any ideas why and what to do?

  4. A blue temperature light usually means that engine coolant is cold and not yet up to optimal running temperature.

  5. Chelsea

    What should I do if the dash said “KEY” then I try to start it and the push start won’t turn? Please help

  6. The Nissan Micra ‘Intelligent Key indicator’ light, if it stays on (steady, non-flashing) it indicates that the Intelligent Key System has a malfunction. Alternatively, you don’t have a second key fob on you at the same time? The Nissan Anti-Theft System (NATS) / immobiliser can prevent the engine from starting if you do. Another possibility is that your keys require reprogramming.

  7. Tim.

    My 1996 micra starts and runs for only ten seconds every time I start it.
    There is an amber flashing symbol on the dashboard.

  8. Bee

    I wonder if you can help? I just had a new battery replace on my nissan micra 2004, with a full services two weeks ago. Now, these three lights are on again this morning, the engine stop itself, brake servos, i turned off the engine. And, stopped for a few minutes and started the engine and and the engine started slowly again and the lights disappear and I was able to drive to work again. I am wory if these three lights are on again. These three lights are Battery Charge WARNING LIGHT, Malfunction Indicator WARNING LIGHT (MIL), Low Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT?

  9. Hello Bee,
    Were the warning lights on before the service? Are you sure it was the battery that required replacing and it’s not a faulty alternator? Did they test the alternator?
    Personally I would take your Micra back to where you had it serviced for further investigation. Anything related to an oil pressure fault is of huge concern and it may not only lead to breakdown but potentially significant engine damage.

  10. Lynette Burger

    I have a Nissan Micra Active 2018 model and the security light flashes when the car is switched off. I have the car now for about 4 months and this is the first time this has happened.

  11. Hi Lynette,
    If the light goes out when the car is started, then it suggests that the immobilser system is active and working when the car is turned off.


    I have a Nissan micra Bose 67 plate. I have only had it 6 weeks and 3 times it has shown a message saying front sensor obstructed then a symbol of 2 car fronts in yellow appears

  13. Hi Linda,
    If the area around the sensors is clean from dirt, then it sounds like a faulty sensor module. As it’s still quite new, I’d book it in with Nissan to take a look.

  14. J I Jones

    ‘Auto ‘ stop/start warning symbol flashing on dashboard. Despite this, car starts and runs perfectly.

  15. I just brought a micra visia 2009 and the is a B on the dash showing constantly when the ignition is on but i cannot find out what it means? Any ideas. Thank yoi

  16. Martha

    Hi I have a 2005 Micra. After having a part replaced the symbol of a car with a key in it comes on after driving about a mile. The symbol is red. I think it’s the security symbol. Other than this the car is driving fine. Is there anyway to turn off the symbol? I can’t do a driving test if the symbol is on.

  17. Hi Martha,
    If the security light has only just came on after having a replacement part, the best action would be to talk to the people that replaced the part as it appears to be related. Other than that, this issue can be an interference problem between the key and the receiver. Ensure there are no other metal objects on the key fob, particularly another electronic key. If you have another key, try that, check the battery in the key is fine. It might be a a receiver issue in the ignition. Failing that, it would be a job for Nissan to look at.

  18. Nitesh vindrani

    Malfunction indicator warning light’s same sign is displaying in red colour.
    What does that mean?

  19. The malfunction indicator light (check engine light) is a generic fault light meaning it can be many things. The only way to find out is is to use a diagnostic scanner to bring up fault codes – that’s what any mechanic will use.

  20. Liz

    My key light -steady non-flashing is on and the Auto symbol is flashing green. The engine light is also on. What does this mean please?

  21. Hi Liz,
    The immobiliser (key warning light) and auto stop start (green auto light flashing) can fail to operate correctly when there are battery charge issues. This can happen if the car hasn’t been used in a while, the battery has been disconnected, alternator problems etc. A low or dying battery can also cause the check engine warning light to come on. I’d check out the battery and go from there.

  22. Michaela

    Hi my 2009 Nissan Micra lock symbol on my dash is always flashing red, my ignition when turned also won’t turn fully to be locked, could you please tell me what it’s could be?

  23. Hi Michaela,
    Have you tried a different key? Is the battery in your key still good. If the car battery is low on power, it can cause issues with the immobiliser system.

  24. Sasi

    Can anyone say ..why the yellow key flashes on the dash after the car starts my Nissan micra

  25. Hi Sasi, have you tried an alternative key (if you have one) and also replace the battery inside the key fob.

  26. Hi Bee,
    Did you find a solution. My Nissan March indicates the same three bulbs and after some time the engine gets started.
    Any info would be appreciated.

  27. Cameron

    In reply to Emi.

    This is your coolant light check you have enough Anitfreeze/coolant in the tank

  28. Amit

    Hi I had a nissan micra petrol 2010,there is continuously sign of yellow key on my dashboard screen plz explain.

  29. Shiv

    In reply to J I Jones.

    Also happening on my 2018 nissan micra. How do you turn it off.

  30. Marion Blair

    Hi just got nissan march 2015 automatic the green over heating light comes on when i start the engine it cant be over heating as its just turned on, please what could this be ????

  31. Hi Marion,
    Firstly, any green dashboard symbol is never anything to be concerned about. Green symbols are used for informational reasons. In terms of the green temperature light, I would think it’s simply informing you that the engine coolant is not up to optimal temperature as of yet, hence why it comes on at engine start.

  32. Imranbharuch Patel

    I got nissan micra xv diesel 2012 model in RPM miter it’s showing red indication written Pshift and this indication light remain on even car is off. Can i get this problem solved??

  33. Alex

    Hello I have a Nissan micra 2005, the power steering light came on last week one mechanic said to scrap it not worth fixing so I took it to an auto mechanic so they use a diagnostic tool they did and cleared the PS light and PS came back. Today the light is back and PS has gone again not sure what to do any ideas? I’ve had a few issues with driving keyless the key sign would flash in red (I’ve replaced the batteries on both keys twice) could this all be connected? When the PS fault is on the dash board the flashing red key sign isn’t there?

  34. Victoria Mitchell

    Hi. I have the ‘high engine temperature’ sign coming on, but it’s not in red, as it is in the explanation above, it’s a green light. Is this still an indicator that the engine temperature is too high? Thanks.

  35. Hi Victoria,
    The green engine temperature warning light simply indicates that the engine coolant is not yet up to optimal operating temperature. When it is, the light should go off.

  36. Gary ross

    I have a 67 missing micra 0.9 orange flashing light just above the fuel gauge Any advice

  37. Catherine

    I have a micra SV 2016. I just replaced the spark plugs last friday (Jan 28th 2022) and today after work (tuesday Feb 1st) the check engine light came on. I already have a scan appointment at my repair shop for thursday. Can i still use my car at a slower pace to go to work and back home untill then or is it better to tow it to the garage? (i have 36-40km to drive to and from work mostly on the highway)

  38. Hi Catherine,
    There are a multitude of faults that can trigger the check engine warning light and you’ve done exactly the right thing with having it scanned for fault codes. There’s no yes or no answer for this due to the many reasons, but generally if your car appears to be driving okay, there’s no signs of misfiring, engine spluttering and reduced engine power, it should be fine to drive.

  39. Rafik Khatri

    Ref Nissan March
    PS red sign on dash is on
    Can I drive it around town and get a technician to look st the problem after a week

  40. Hello Rafik,
    Yes, it should be fine to continue driving. This is quite a common problem with the Nissan Micra (power steering), but can unfortunately also be an expensive one.

  41. Yvonne

    I have a letter A when I push dashboard button I can change it to B. what do they mean.

  42. Hi Yvonne,
    I would think that it’s your trip meter. Most cars have 2 (trip A and trip B) so that you can record your mileage for different trips.

  43. Eamonn

    Ihave a 2010 micra1.2
    red oil can symbol when engine switched on stays on when driving many months now

  44. Hi Eamonn,
    Have you checked your engine oil level. It’s either low engine oil or low oil pressure warning light. The low oil pressure warning light isn’t something to ignore as low oil pressure can cause serious engine damage. However, the fact that you say it’s been on for many months might suggest it’s a failing sensor. Sometimes low oil levels can cause the low oil pressure light to come on, but generally they’re two different things. If it is the low pressure light, I would get it checked out as having low oil pressure can easily lead to breakdown.

  45. Helen

    I have recently got a Nissan micra 2010 and am low in petrol but a little yellow light came on this morning followed by a black arrow facing right flashing next to a dot then 40 was flashing is it just letting me know I need to refuel or something else please?

  46. Hi Helen,
    I would think that you’re right. Likely 40 miles remaining in the tank.

  47. scsharma .

    in my nissan micra petrol 2012 I am facing problem for trip meter knob not working kindly let me know various function which can and how be monitored

  48. Hi scsharma,
    Along with the A and B trip modes, the trip meter knob shows:
    ● Instant fuel consumption
    ● Average fuel consumption
    ● Distance to empty

  49. I had a lot of water that entered the car due to a plugged hose under the windshield, had it cleared and the water inside vacuumed out. Things were working ok except the radio would change stations by itself, I thought it might be related to the water that had been on the passenger side so I wasn’t too concerned. I shut the car off for the night, later I found the dash lights all on and the radio playing as if I’d left the key in the on position. I tried to start the car but nothing happened, I tried an alternative key without success, I disconnected the battery and called it for the night.

  50. Devon

    Hi, there’s a lot of fuel smelling in my nissan march 2012 make. In the dashboard, there’s a constant green auto light, there’s also a continous check engine light. Kindly help me interpret.

  51. Hi Devon,
    I believe the green auto light is related to the engine stop start system. It is however only supposed to illuminate when the system stops the engine. When the engine light comes on, a fault code is usually generated. You need to have the fault codes read by a diagnostic scanner and this also may solve why you can smell fuel.

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