Renault Megane Dashboard Warning Lights

The Renault Megane is a popular car and like all cars, has its share of problems. Detailed below are the Renault Megane dashboard warning lights and symbols along with their meanings and any action that must be taken.

When a symbol lights up, they illuminate in various colours. The colour of the symbol with typically signify the importance, or urgency of the matter.

Green and Blue dashboard lights inform the driver that a utility or system is active, such as headlights or indicators for example.

Orange / Amber / Yellow dashboard warning lights inform the driver that something needs attention soon, this could be an engine service for example.

Red dashboard warning lights will often signify a matter or urgency such as a fault in the engine or that seat belts are not fastened for example.

Flashing lights, in particular red, will signify that immediate action or attention is required. Renault Megane dashboard warning lights are generally similar although they may vary depending on the year and location of manufacture of your particular vehicle. The guide below should cover most versions of the Megane.

Renault Megane fault spanner dashboard warning light
Fault Symbol
Fault Warning Light

This spanner symbol will illuminate on the dashboard when a non-specific fault has occurred. Symbol will illuminate with ignition but should go out shortly after. If light remains on or comes on during driving, you should drive carefully to a Renault technician immediately. Damage to the vehicle may occur if attention not sought immediately.

Renault Megane stop dashboard warning light
Stop light
Stop Dashboard WARNING LIGHT

Whilst driving the Renault Megane, if the ‘STOP’ light illuminates on the dashboard, pull the vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so and turn off the engine. Do not restart and consult a Renault technician. Your journey cannot continue and damage is highly likely to occur to the vehicle if driving continues.

Renault Megane Instrument Panel Fault Warning Light
Instrument Panel Fault
Instrument Panel Fault WARNING LIGHT

If no other lights or sounds are apparent, the triangle containing an exclamation mark signifies a fault within the Megane’s instrument panel. Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so and consult a Renault specialist.

Renault Megane Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light
Toxic Fume System
Toxic Fume Filter System WARNING LIGHT

The toxic fume filter system warning light will illuminate on the Renault Megane when the ignition is switched on and should go out shortly after. If the light remains on or comes on whilst driving contact a Renault technician immediately. If the light flashes, reduce speed until light goes out. If the message ‘Check anti-pollution system’ is displayed along with the toxic fume symbol and ‘spanner’ fault light, contact your Renault dealer immediately.

Renault Megane Brake Circuit Fault Dashboard Warning Light
Brake Circuit Fault
Brake Circuit Fault WARNING LIGHT

If the brake circuit fault warning light illuminates on the dashboard along with the ‘STOP’ symbol and an audible beep, this signifies either the brake fluid level is too low, or that there is a braking system fault. Check fluid levels immediately and consult a Renault vehicle technician.

Renault Megane Anti-lock brake-ABS warning light
ABS Light
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) WARNING LIGHT

The ABS light will illuminate for a short period of time when the engine is switched on. If the light remains on or comes on while driving, there is a fault with the ABS. Anti-lock braking systems prevent the wheels from locking during heavy braking and work independently from the normal brakes. Though normal brakes will continue to work, seek assistance from a Renault technician. See the Anti-Lock Braking System guide for understanding what ABS is and how it works.

Renault Megane Air Bag Warning Dashboard Light
Air Bag Warning
Air Bag Dashboard WARNING LIGHT

The air bag warning light will illuminate when the ignition is turned on and should go out shortly after. If the light illuminates on the dashboard when driving or stays on after the engine has started, the is a fault with the air bag system. Air bags may not be deployed in the event of an accident. Seek assistance from a Renault technician as soon as possible. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Renault Megane Oil Pressure Warning Light
Oil Pressure Warning
Engine Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT

If oil pressure light illuminates whilst driving along with the STOP warning light and an audible beep, pull over and turn off the engine immediately. Check that oil levels are sufficient. If levels are adequate, this signifies a fault. Do not attempt to restart or drive the vehicle as damage may occur to engine. Speak to a Renault technician. See how to check engine oil.

Renault Megane Engine Coolant Temperature Dashboard Warning Light
Engine Coolant Temperature

Light should illuminate on dashboard when engine is turned on and go out shortly. If light comes on when driving, accompanied by the STOP and an audible beep, pull the vehicle over as soon as safe to do so and turn off the engine. Check engine coolant levels after leaving engine to cool down first. Replenish levels if required. Do not continue journey if overheating as serious engine damage may occur. See what is engine coolant and how to check engine coolant for further details.

Renault Megane Particulate Filter Warning Light
Particulate Filter
Particulate Filter WARNING LIGHT

If this light symbol illuminates on the dashboard, it signifies a filter saturation risk. For cleaning the particle filter, drive at a speed of at least 24 mph (40 km/h), until the warning light turns off. If you need to stop the vehicle before the light goes out, you may need to restart the process. the filter will take approximately 20 minutes to clean. If the fault warning light illuminates (spanner) along with the particulate filter warning light, seek help from a Renault technician.

Renault Megane Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Tyre Pressure Low
Tyre Pressure Low WARNING LIGHT

Each wheel (excluding the emergency spare wheel) has a sensor in the inflation valve which measures the tyre pressure. This dashboard warning light will illuminate if tyres are under inflated or leaking.

Renault Megane Driving Correction Device Warning Light
Driving Correction Device
Driving Correction Device WARNING LIGHT

The Renault Megane may come with all or some driving aids such as: ABS (anti-lock braking system), electronic stability control (ESC) with under steer control and traction control, emergency brake assist and braking anticipation and hill start assistance. If any of these driver aids are activated, the driving correction device warning light flashes on the instrument panel.

Renault Megane Lane Departre Dashboard Warning Light
Lane Departure
Lane Departure WARNING LIGHT

The lane departure system notifies the driver when they accidentally cross a continuous or broken line. Behind the rear-view mirror is a camera that the system uses. The lane departure system may not work when poor visibility such as rain, snow, fog, dirty windscreen, glare of the sun, partially obscured road lines, or roads with tight bends, closely following a vehicle in the same lane, worn road markings and narrow roads. The lane departure warning light will go out on the dashboard to indicate the system is inactive.

Renault Megane gear up change indicator dashboard light
Gear up light
Renault Megane gear down change indicator dashboard light
Gear down light
Gear Change Indicator LIGHT

To conserve fuel and to eco-drive, these gear change indicator light illuminate on the Renault Megane dashboard to inform the driver when best to change up or down gear.

Renault Megane speed limiter and cruise control light
Cruise control light
Renault Megane handbrake on or electronic parking brake warning light
Parking brake
Renault Megane diesel preheat light
Diesel preheat light
Renault Megane seat belt reminder light
Seat belt reminder
Renault Megane left indicator signal light symbol
Left indicator
Renault Megane right indicator signal light symbol
Right indicator
Renault Megane low fuel warning light
Low fuel
Renault Megane side lights on symbol
Side lights
Renault Megane front fog lights symbol
Front fog lights
Renault Megane rear fog lights symbol
Rear fog light
Renault Megane main beam dashboard symbol
Main beam lights
Renault Megane dipped beam dashboard symbol
Dipped beam lights
Renault Megane automatic main beam dashboard symbol
Automatic main beam

19 thoughts on “Renault Megane Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. June

    I have a symbol on the instrument panel that is going on and off intermittently then after so long all the lights on the panel go off, I have looked at all the warning lights on here and the nearest to it I can find is the gear change symbol but without the gear lever or the arrows can you help at all please? Thank you

  2. John

    Have you found an answer? As I have the same issue

  3. Sly

    Any time my Renualt car shows the diesel preheat light, the car doesn’t accelerate proper.:..Please kindly tell me what the solution to that is, bcuz the light usually pop up every time

  4. Hi Sly,
    It could be numerous things. Your only way around this would be to have fault codes ready by a diagnostic tool.

  5. richard thomas manning

    i have a flashing bell symbol on all the time the car is parked never on before anybody got any ideas thanks

  6. Godfather

    In reply to June.

    I have the same issue as well can anyone help?

  7. John Titcombe

    red light flashing on steeriing column when engine ignition switched off. Why ?

  8. Tom

    I have a 20 plate Captur. There is an orange warning light popping up that is a side view of a car going left and the backend of a car close in front. Above says ‘off’ and beneath is an arrow pointing left. Any ideas what it is warning me about?

  9. Hi Tom,
    It’s the Renault’s active emergency braking. The system can help to warn of a potential front-end collision and intervene in braking if required. If the system has been switched off manually, it activates again each time the engine is started. The system uses a camera located just under the internal mirror, so you should ensure that your windscreen is clean where the camera faces out. It also uses a radar sensor located on the front bumper, so again, ensure this area is clear.

  10. Frank

    Good day
    My renualt clio 2019 model to day just write 0 rear belt fastened,what does this mean an it due to a service

  11. Hi Frank,
    As far as I’m aware, it’s just an information message to inform you what seatbelts (if any) are buckled on the rear seats. The message should disappear shortly.

  12. Mahen

    Hand brake
    All 4 lights is on..????

  13. Jon

    I have a megane 1.5dci dynamique 66 plate, i have a white warning light on my dash, a white arrow in a circle crossed through, the arrow is pointing up, any ideas ?
    I can’t find the symbol in the manual

  14. Hi Jon,
    The white, up pointing arrow that’s crossed out is to do with the navigation system. The reason it is crossed out is because you have no pre-configured route. You probably hit a button on the steering wheel by accident and now the symbol appears.

  15. Dennis Davis

    On my Megane 1.6 2008 convertible I have an orange light that has appeared in the small panel between the Spanner and the STOP signs. It stays on continually and flashes — any ideas??

  16. Lai

    I’ve a 2014 megane dci & the engine failure hazard light has just came on along with the esc
    I’m a new driver so driving with due care

  17. Hi Lai,
    Sometimes due to an engine fault, the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system can be automatically disabled. This is usually if the vehicle enters into reduced engine power mode. You’ll need to have diagnostics. When the engine light comes on, a fault code is usually generated and stored. A diagnostics tools connects to the OBD-II port in your car and reads the fault codes. Pretty much all vehicle repair workshops have them.

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