Theory Test Centres in London

Listed on this page are all the theory test centres in London or close to London. You are able to book and take your theory test at any test centre of your choice.

Once you have received your provisional driving licence, you are then able to book the theory test in London.

There is usually around 1 to 2 week waiting time for sitting the theory test in the London Theory Test Centres, although at certain times of the year it can be longer or shorter.

For current theory test fees, check the learning to drive section for all driving test and theory test related information. To get an idea of the theory test pass rates for your particular test centre, see the official DVSA theory test pass rates.


Theory tests can be booked at any of the London based theory test centre by following the information below. All you will need to make a theory test booking is your provisional driving licence, all you’ll need a few details from this. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are responsible for managing all theory test bookings and Pearson Professional conduct the theory tests. Whilst making a booking, be sure to mention if you have any reading or hearing difficulties as help is available during the test.

Book a theory test by telephone
Booking a theory test can be made via the automated telephone line. You do not need to speak to anyone although there is an option to speak to a DVSA member of staff should you have any concerns or questions. Theory test bookings can be made any London Theory Test Centre by visiting the book a driving theory test section.

Book a theory test online
Booking a theory test via the internet is often the most popular due to the system displaying theory test time and date availability, allowing you to select a free slot. To book your theory test at any of the London Theory Test Centres, see the book a driving theory test section for all DVSA theory test booking information.


You are entitled to reschedule the theory test for an alternative date and time, or cancel the test to receive a full refund. Please allow for a minimum of three working days notice (including Saturdays) for either of these to be possible.


After payment of the theory test booking, the DVSA will send you an e-mail confirming the time, date, location and reference number. Although not essential to take to the theory test centre, it’s advisable to print this e-mail to show to the centre staff if any problems arise.


Security and fraud prevention is taken seriously at all theory test centres. Whilst attending the London Theory Test Centre, you must show the staff your provisional driving licence photocard, or if you have the old type, this must be taken along with a valid passport. If you have the old licence, but no passport, you must apply for a new driving licence.

If you are unable to show these forms of identification, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take the test, also resulting in a loss of test fee. If you have misplaced your licence, contact the DVLA who will send you a replacement. See the learning to drive section for information on obtaining a new licence. Arrive at your chosen London Theory Test Centre in good time as theory test centres have strict test slot times. Late arrivals that miss their allotted time slot will forfeit the theory test and lost the test booking fee.


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