Ford Fiesta Dashboard Warning Lights

This section details many of the dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures and their meanings found within the Ford Fiesta range.

The following dashboard warning lamps and symbol indicators are to inform the driver that a condition of the vehicle may be serious. The most serious warning lights often illuminate in red and if critical, they may also flash. Some warning lights illuminate when you first start the vehicle and the various systems initiate, this is perfectly normal and they should go out after a few seconds.

Less serious warning lights on the Ford Fiesta may illuminate if orange / amber. This is to inform the driver that there’s an issue that needs remedial action taken soon. Vehicle utilities such as external lights and indicators illuminate in greens and blues and are simply to inform the driver that a particular system is active.

This section covers many models of the Ford Fiesta and may vary slightly depending on the country that your particular Fiesta was made.

Ford Fiesta Message indicator symbol
Message Indicator

Ford Fiesta Message Indicator Symbol

The message indicator symbol illuminates in red or amber depending on the severity and urgency of the issue. Other dashboard symbols may also illuminate such as those below and have a message in the message display. For a list of available messages, see Ford Fiesta warning messages.

Ford Fiesta Brake warning light
Ford Fiesta brake warning


The exclamation warning symbol will illuminate when the parking brake has been applied and the ignition is on. If the light illuminates on the dashboard whilst driving, check parking brake is not applied. If parking brake is released, this signals a low brake fluid level or a malfunction with the braking system and should be diagnosed by a vehicle technician immediately. See why is the brake warning light on for further help.

Ford Fiesta powertrain malfunction (exclamation mark in cog) dashboard warning light
Ford Fiesta Powertrain Malfunction
Ford Fiesta powertrain malfunction (spanner / wrench) dashboard warning light
Ford Fiesta Powertrain Malfunction

Powertrain Malfunction WARNING LIGHT

The exclamation warning symbol contained within a cog or the spanner / wrench (if constantly on while driving) symbol indicates a powertrain malfunction. The powertrain malfunction light can illuminate due to various issues including various sensors; throttle position sensor, temperature sensor, MAP sensor, mass airflow sensor, ECU issues and traction control/ABS, transmission to name a few. Diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. Engine will often enter limp mode to limit power output and reduce potential damage. Switch engine ignition off and attempt restart. You can continue to drive but have vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Ford Fiesta ABS warning Light
Ford Fiesta ABS warning


The ABS, or anti-lock braking system warning light should go out after then engine has started. If symbol illuminates whilst driving or stays on after vehicle has started, it indicates a malfunction with your ABS system. ABS is a separate system from the normal vehicle braking system so normal brakes will remain unaffected. Braking in adverse weather conditions may be affected however and system should be checked by an authorised Ford technician. See Anti-Lock Braking System for further information on how ABS works and why is the ABS light on for further diagnosis.

Ford Fiesta engine temperature warning light
Ford Fiesta engine temperature

Engine Temperature WARNING LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate on the dashboard when the engine initially starts and should shortly go out. If light remains on or illuminates whilst driving, stop the vehicle and turn off the engine as soon as safe to do so. This symbol indicates the engine is overheating. Allow engine to cool down for at least 20 minutes and check coolant levels. See what is engine coolant for further information. If coolant levels are low, replenish levels. If coolant levels are correct, this indicates a malfunction. An overheated engine can cause irreparable damage to engine components. Do not start the engine and arrange for vehicle to be taken to an authorised technician.

Ford Fiesta engine oil level dashboard warning light
Ford Fiesta oil levels


This symbol will illuminate on the dashboard when the engine initially starts and should shortly go out. If light remains on or illuminates whilst driving, stop the vehicle as soon as safe to do so and turn off the engine. Engine oil levels should be checked and replenished if necessary. Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause the engine to overheat and potentially seize if levels fall too low. See how to check engine oil levels. This may also be a symptom of low oil pressure.

Ford Fiesta engine malfunction warning light
Ford Fiesta engine malfunction
Ford Fiesta powertrain spanner warning light
Ford Fiesta powertrain warning


Your Ford Fiesta may have one of these warning lights. Lights should go out shortly after then engine has started. If lights illuminate whilst driving, or stay on after it has started, it indicates a malfunction in the engine. The malfunction light and powertrain light (spanner) may illuminate due to many reasons and may include engine, exhaust system, transmission, drive shaft, suspension, wheels, glow plugs (if diesel) and catalytic converter. Vehicle is safe to drive though diagnostic equipment is required from a technician to correctly diagnose and fix the issue.

Ford Fiesta stability control dashboard light
Ford Fiesta stability control


Symbol should illuminate when ignition is switched on and should go out shortly. If light does not illuminate, it indicates a malfunction. If light continuously illuminates whilst driving, it also indicates a malfunction. Light should flash whilst driving to inform the driver that stability control system is working. If system malfunctions, vehicle is safe to drive, though more care must be taken. Take vehicle to Ford technician for remedial action.

Ford Fiesta battery warning light
Ford Fiesta battery light


Light should illuminate when engine is switched on and go out shortly after. If light illuminate whilst driving or stays on after engine ignition, it indicates that the battery is not being charged or that the battery has a malfunction and has insufficient power. Turn off any electrical equipment in your vehicle that isn’t necessary and take vehicle to a technician as soon as possible. See Why is the battery warning light on for further help.

Ford Fiesta airbag malfunction warning light
Ford Fiesta airbag malfunction


Light should illuminate when engine is switched on and go out shortly after. If symbol doesn’t light on start-up, it signifies a malfunction. If symbol flashes or continuously illuminates, it also signifies a malfunction. Vehicle will need to be taken to a Ford technician else airbags may not deploy in the event of an accident. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Ford Fiesta gear shift indicator
Ford Fiesta gear shift

Eco-System Indicator LIGHT

The eco-system indicator light is to inform the driver to shift up a gear to help save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. System will not activate during periods of high acceleration.

Ford Fiesta low tyre pressure monitor dashboard warning light

Low Tyre Pressure Warning LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate in yellow on newer models of the Ford Fiesta. Symbol will light up when one or more tyres is under-inflated by around 25% or more. If you have a tyre pressure light that will not go out, see tyre pressure monitor light keeps coming on. If you have made recent changes to your tyres or wheels and need to reset the tyre pressure monitor system (TPMS), see How to reset Ford Fiesta tyre pressure light.

Ford Fiesta external cold temperature warning light
Ford Fiesta cold temperature


This symbol illuminates when the temperature outside of the car reaches 39°F (4°C) or below. this is to inform the driver that road conditions may become slippery. Even if the temperature rises to over 39°F (4°C), roads may still be hazardous.

Ford Fiesta Cruise control activated light
Cruise control activated light
Ford Fiesta Doors ajar light
Doors ajar warning light
Ford Fiesta Low fuel warning light
Low fuel warning light
Ford Fiesta Direction indicators / hazard warning
Indicators /  hazard lights
Ford Fiesta Engine start/stop indicator
Engine start/stop light
Ford Fiesta Fog lamps indicator light
Fog lamps indicator light
Ford Fiesta Glow plug indicator light
Glow plug indicator light
Ford Fiesta Headlight indicator light
Headlight indicator light
Ford Fiesta High Beam indicator light
High Beam indicator light
Ford Fiesta Information indicator light
Information indicator light
Ford Fiesta Engine start/stop indicator
Engine start/stop light
Ford Fiesta Safety belt reminder light
Safety belt reminder light

26 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Linda

    My battery warning light comes on for about 10 minutes and then goes off again,it happens quite frequently,but never stays on all the time,any ideas what the problem might be? My mechanic is baffled!!!

  2. John

    Hello, My advice would be to replace the battery with a new (heavy Duty) one and see if the light comes back with the new battery fitted.

  3. samuel joshua omoregie

    josh is the name,pls my engine light came on obviously my engine is malfunctioning,the sound of the engine is going up and down like it is breathing,and it is moving slow no acceleration,pls what seems to be the problem of the car pls

  4. Eric

    Eric is my name, please help my Ford Ikon warning light that looks exactly Brake Warning light (i.e Exclamation Mark) but not red in colour like that one of Brake warning light. This one that normally comes out is orange in colour and once it pops out it makes the car to go very slow and find it difficult to pick up the power. At the moment what I do, I switch the engine off and restart it again and then it picks the power again. So can anyone help me in this regard?

  5. Hello Eric,
    Sounds like a powertrain malfunction light. Unfortunately there are a multitude of possible issues that can relate to this light and you’ll need to hook up diagnostic equipment to find a fault code. You Fiesta is slow because the engine enters limp mode which is reduced power to help prevent damage occurring.

  6. nyiko ford fiesta 1.6 tdci 2013 just came back from body shop,the front bumber was replaced, and it got engine light and external temperature warning light. please help and also with the location

  7. Maimie

    My engine malfunction light is orange I have an ecsport what could be the problem

  8. Hello Maimie,
    This is a generic fault light and doesn’t have a specific fault associated with it. It’s usually something to do with emissions due to fuel not burning correctly, or a sensor. Generally diagnostic code readers are required to be hooked up to diagnose the fault. Sometimes the light simply goes out on the next start up. It’s usually nothing too serious, but if the light stays on, you should get it checked ASAP. If you notice the engine sounding rough, misfiring or spluttering, get is checked immediately.

  9. Bob Osborn

    Right in the very middle of the dashboard, between the rev counter & speedo, L & R, with the information panel above & fuel gauge below, is some thing that my wife tells me no longer lights up.
    This is her car & I know nothing about what this is, & the drivers handbook doesn’t say what it is either.
    This is a 14 plate mk7 fiesta.
    It could be just a blown bulb or fuse, but not knowing what it is I don’t know where to start.

  10. Tony Collins

    I’ve got a 18 Ford Fiesta 1000. A picture of the car has appeared on my dash panel where the mileage information is usually displayed, Any ideas ?

  11. given

    my engine light is on when the car is on

  12. Ozie

    NOOOOOO John cant be that,you being unfair

  13. Rachel Cronshaw

    Eco came on and car power went, we turned car off then after few seconds we turned on it was fine, it just flashed on then off straight away then lost power

  14. Flordeliza

    How to turn off the dashboard lights even the engine was turned off?

  15. Hi Flordeliza,
    If all of your dashboard warning lights stay on even if the engine is off and even if you remove the key, it’s usually related to a faulty ignition switch.

  16. Bill

    My wife’s car is displaying what looks like a coolant fan (Yellow) its red with ignition is on but engine not running. it is
    intermitent though, any ideas please? Its a 2011 1.25 fiesta Zetec.

  17. Hi Bill. Does the warning light look like an actual fan? The only light I can think of is the low outside temperature warning light. It illuminates orange when the outside air temperature is between 4ºC and 0ºC and red when the temperature is below 0ºC.

  18. Stephanie Lee

    In reply to Eric.

    Mine used to do that and it was a sensor

  19. John

    I have a 2016 Ford Fiesta and I noticed when I got into my car today up by the radio display a small symbol to the left of the directional symbol {north, south, etc} a square box. When I started the car it went away.Never seen it before. Any idea?

  20. Jason

    I’ve have a 2012 Ford Fiesta and I haven’t had any issues at all. Well tonight after work I started my car and what seems to be the check oil light is on(a wrench and oil light). I check my oil at least e/o day. So I checked it and my oil levels are perfect and I just recently got a oil change. What else could cause the check oil light to come on? Plz any suggestions would be great.

  21. Hi Jason. It could be that the service / oil change reminder light hasn’t been reset.

  22. John

    I would check your manual for oil change reminder reset. It will tell you how to reset step by step. Very simple to do and that should solve it. Did you happen to take it to a Ford dealer? They often overlook these kind of things!

  23. Jade

    Hi, my dashboard time started blinking with ‘ECU broken’ or something along the lines of those three letters not sure, this happened while waiting at lights with my foot on the brake. The car started moving by itself then when taking off it only wanted to go 20k in a 60k zone, does anyone know what this could be?

  24. Hi Jade,
    The ECU is the ‘Engine Control Unit’, essentially the car’s computer. It’s potentially a problem that might result in your car breaking down, so I would have it looked at right away.

  25. Bethan Wynne Lewis

    Hi,,,i have a ford fiesta and the snowflake symbol came on red this afternoon and its no where near freezing ,,thanks for any help

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