Ford Transit Dashboard Warning Lights

The Ford Transit is a van frequently seen on the roads. This section contains the dashboard warning lights for the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect.

Almost all vehicles now use computers to keep the engine, the mechanics and electrical systems running at optimal levels and to also monitor system health. Dashboard warning lights and symbols are used to inform the driver that there’s a fault, or that something requires attention.

Different light colours are used to convey the importance of the message. Utility symbols such as for example external lights being activated or heating systems use a blue or green light.

Orange, amber or yellow lights are generally used to inform the driver that something requires attention. This could be for example that something needs replacing, checking or servicing. As the situation becomes more serious, red lights are typically used and this is to inform the driver that something requires immediate attention. A red light may also possibly flash and may use an audible sound to gain attention.

Below are the dashboard warning lights for the Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Connect. Pictures of the various symbols are used along with an explanation. Symbols may vary slightly depending on the manufacture location of the vehicle.

Ford Transit / Connect ABS Warning Light
ABS Light

Ford Transit / Connect ABS Malfunction Warning Light

If the ABS yellow / amber (Anti-lock braking system) warning comes on whilst driving, this indicates a malfunction with the system. Normal brakes will continue to function as usual and will not be affected (unless the brake system warning light also illuminates). ABS is most beneficial in heavy braking conditions and can help to control a vehicle by preventing it from skidding. See ABS for further information.

Ford Transit / Connect Brake System Warning Light
Brake System


The Ford Transit / Connect red exclamation mark light has two possible meanings. This dashboard symbol comes on simply to inform the driver that the handbrake is engaged. Alternatively, if symbol illuminates whilst driving and the handbrake is fully released, this indicates a malfunction with the vehicle braking system. Use brakes with care and reduce speed. Avoid using vehicle if possible and seek assistance from a Ford technician.

Ford Transit / Connect Worn Brake Pads Warning Light
Worn Brake Pads

Ford Transit / Connect Worn Brake Pads WARNING LIGHT

This dashboard exclamation mark will typically illuminate in yellow / amber and is to inform the driver that brake pads have worn past a predetermined safe limit. Have brakes and pads checked as soon as possible. Continuous use of vehicle without replacing pads can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the brakes, increase stopping distances and damage brake discs.

Ford Transit / Connect Airbag Warning Light
Airbag Light

Airbag Malfunction WARNING LIGHT

The Ford Transit / Connect airbag light will illuminate in yellow / amber on the dashboard when ignition is switched on and should go out shortly after. If symbol remains illuminated or comes on whilst driving, this indicates a malfunction with the airbag system. Airbags may not be deployed in an accident. Seek the assistance of a Ford technician as soon as possible. For further information about airbags and possible faults, see why is the airbag light on?

Ford Transit / Connect Cruise Control Light
Cruise Control

Ford Transit / Connect Cruise Control LIGHT

The cruise control dashboard symbol is illuminated when cruise control has activated. Do not use cruise control on slippery roads, in heavy traffic or when roads are bendy. When you are going downhill, the vans speed may increase above the set limit speed. The system will not apply the brakes. Change down a gear and press the SET- switch to assist the system in maintaining the set speed.

Ford Transit / Connect powertrain (cog / exclamation mark) dash warning light
Powertrain Warning

Powertrain Dashboard Warning LIGHT

This dashboard symbol may illuminate red or yellow / amber on the Ford Transit / Connect. A cog with an exclamation mark inside indicates a malfunction with the powertrain, a sensor or software fault. A malfunction with the powertrain may see the vehicle lose a certain amount of power, but will continue to run.

If light flashes whilst driving, avoid heavy acceleration or deceleration and gently reduce speed. Symbol may illuminate with the engine warning light MIL -(see below). If both lights illuminate together, a continual reduction in power is likely, possibly followed by the turning off. Have vehicle checked by a Ford technician immediately.

Ford Transit / Connect Malfunction Dashboard Warning Light
Malfunction Warning

Ford Transit / Connect Malfunction Indicator WARNING LIGHT

The malfunction indicator light (MIL) or engine management light can signify many faults and can illuminate alongside another symbol or with a message displayed in the LCD information display. Symbol may display with the message ‘Check Engine’ inside the engine symbol. Typical issues result from an emissions fault, though faults can range significantly. Vehicle will need to be checked with diagnostic equipment.

Ford Transit / Connect Ignition Warning Light
Ignition Warning


This symbol will illuminate on the Ford Transit / Connect to indicate an electrical fault with the ignition, or that the battery is no longer being charged possibly due to a faulty alternator. If this light comes on whilst driving, turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment within the Ford Transit to reduce electrical drain from the battery. System must be checked immediately else van may be unable to start.

Ford Transit / Connect Low Oil Level Dashboard Warning Light
Oil Pressure Warning

Ford Transit / Connect Low engine Oil Pressure WARNING LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate to indicate low oil pressure within the engine. If this symbol illuminates whilst driving, as soon as is safely possible, pull over and turn off the engine. check oil levels. If oil levels are correct, do not continue journey and contact a Ford technician.

Ford Transit / Connect Engine Temperature Warning Light
Temperature Warning


This symbol will illuminate on the Ford Transit to inform the driver that the engine is overheating. Stop the van and turn off the engine as soon as possible. Allow the engine around 20 minutes to cool down and check coolant levels. Do not continue journey if engine overheats as this can cause engine components to seize, possibly resulting in a irreparable engine.

Ford Transit / Connect Message Indicator dashboard Light
Message Indicator

Ford Transit / Connect Message Indicator Dashboard LIGHT

This symbol will illuminate when a new message is stored within the information display. When certain warning message appear in the display, you must press the ‘Set’ and
‘Reset’ button to acknowledge them. Warning messages may be used alongside a red or amber dashboard warning light.

Ford Transit / Connect spanner service dashboard light
Service Required


The symbol of a spanner will illuminate in orange / yellow / amber to indicate that an engine service is required for the Ford Transit. Symbols may vary, for instance a spanner contained inside a vehicle may show. Symbol may illuminate in red to indicate contaminated oil that is in need of replacing. Lamp will be turned off after servicing.

Ford Transit Exhaust Emission Fluid Warning Light
Emission Fluid

Exhaust Emission Fluid Warning LIGHT

Adblue is a solution that is used with the Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of UK diesel vehicles. The symbol will illuminate when the diesel exhaust fluid is low. If diesel exhaust fluid is at a sufficient level and the light illuminates whilst driving, there is a malfunction. Your vehicle should be checked by a Ford technician immediately.

Ford Transit Collision Warning System Indicator Light
Collision Warning

Ford Transit / Connect Collision WARNING LIGHT

This dashboard symbol will illuminate when the collision system has been turned off. If light illuminate when system has not been deactivated, this may signify a malfunction.

Ford Transit Stability Control Dashboard Light
Stability Control

Stability Control Dashboard LIGHT

Symbol illuminate for a short period of time when the ignition is turned on. If it illuminates when you are driving, this indicates a malfunction.
During a malfunction, the system turns off. Have your vehicle checked by Ford technician. While driving, it flashes when the system is operating normally.

Ford Transit Hill Start Assist Dashboard Light
Hill Start


Whilst driving, if the hill start system activates, the symbol will illuminate on the dashboard. Symbol should illuminate when ignition is switched on. If light does not illuminate, it means the system has been disabled. A Ford dealer can re-enable the system.

Ford Transit Water in Fuel Dashboard Light
Water in Fuel


For the Ford Transit / Connect, the water in fuel is for diesel models only and will illuminate when there’s an excess of water in the fuel filter. Water must be drained immediately by use of the water tap. If symbol illuminate after water has been drained, this indicates that a fuel filter service is required.

Ford Transit Low Tyre Pressure Warning Light
Low Tyre Pressure

Tyre PRessure Monitoring System

Older versions of the Ford Transit may not be equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system. Those that are will receive a dashboard warning in yellow indicating that the pressure in one or more tyres has dropped below the threshold, usually around 25% or more deflation. For other faults, such as the warning light remaining on even if pressures are correct, see tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on. Also, how to reset Ford Transit tyre pressure light.

Ford Transit Directional Indicators Dashboard Symbols
Directional Indicators
Ford Transit Door Ajar Dashboard Warning Light
Door Ajar Symbol
Ford Transit Full Beam Headlights Dashboard Symbol
Full Beam Headlights
Ford Transit Fog Lights on Dashboard Light
Fog Lights Activated
Ford Transit Rear Fog Lights Dashboard Symbol
Rear Fog Lights
Ford Transit Headlights On Dashboard Symbol
Headlights On
Ford Transit Low Fuel Warning Light
Low Fuel Warning
Ford Transit Diesel Glow Plug Indicator Dashboard Symbol
Diesel Glow Plug
Ford Transit Lane Departure Warning Dashboard Light
Lane Departure Warning
Ford Transit Gear Shift Indicator Light
Gear Shift Indicator
Ford Transit / Connect Start / Stop Indicator Light
Start / Stop Indicator

31 thoughts on “Ford Transit Dashboard Warning Lights”

  1. Bill campbell

    Auto transmission warning light flashes on a ford transit o3 90 T350 what does this indicate

  2. David Wilson

    I have a water in fuel warning light. How do I fix this

  3. Hi David,
    It means that you have water in the fuel filter than needs to be drained. It stops water getting into the diesel. You’ll need to find out where the fuel filter is on your van.

  4. martyn lee

    i have the brake malfunction light flashing on and off every 4 seconds when it comes on the speed o needle falls to zero and as the light goes off it bounces back up to the current speed the van is traveling at is this a common fault and what could be causing it ? the van still starts and runs ok. martyn

  5. Hi Martyn,
    This is quite a common problem for the Transit and can often be associated to the vehicle speed sensor connected to the transmission.

  6. John

    In reply to Bill campbell.

    My ford transit 2003 diesel auto trasmissio light flashes!

  7. Dimaano elmer

    What is A letter sign in the dashboard turning green and red suddenly my engines stop ?is it bad?thank you

  8. Hi Dimaano,
    Sounds like the engine start stop / auto stop system. It’s a fuel saving feature to automatically stop the engine. Not sure what the red light is though.

  9. Roy

    What tail lights should come on in daylight drive mode
    I’m see front lights but no rear

  10. Hi Roy, with daytime running lights (DRL’s), it’s common that only front lights are on but not the rear lights.

  11. Dave

    Hi my right indicator light flashes on the dashboard when locking with key fob ..why is this ? My battery was drained completely in a week have I activated something ? Thanks.

  12. Rich

    Hi my service required light keeps coming on and going off sometimes 4 times in a day then won’t come on for a week or so then comes on and goes off again. I’ve tried resetting holding pedals down but still does it. It doesn’t need servicing as it was done a few months back. I’ve put a obd to find a code but says there’s no codes so not sure if it could be a sensor. Been to garage they say same thing code showing no faults it’s a transit custom 2017

    Many Thanks
    Regards Rich

  13. Mark

    Ford transit connect 2010. Black line appeared on screen that tells you your mileage etc. Is this an ECU fault. Van won’t start or even attempt. Battery and fuel both fine.

  14. George

    Hi my Mk6 transit dash says ‘test’ instead of mileage when I switch the ignition and disappears again once I start. Any idea?

  15. zhang

    Hello, I have a symbol like two waterdrops and a snowflake with two ‘s’ below, what does it means? How can I fix this? After this symbol appeared I cannnot start my vehicle.

  16. Hi zhang,
    The only symbol that I’m aware of with a snowflake is to warn of risk of icy road conditions, but that wouldn’t prevent engine start. All else I can think of is water in fuel / fuel filter, which can prevent engine start. Perhaps someone else may recognise the warning light you’re referring to.

  17. John

    I have a light on the desk that looks like the auto light symbol with an exclamation mark in it. I can’t find this specific symbol anywhere in the manual or online. I just know it looks the same as the auto light symbol. I checked and the lights are running, just wanted to know what this meant and if I should do anything.

  18. Hi John,
    There’s something there causing the circuit to break. Sometimes the warning light can be triggered due to a exterior bulb having a loose connection or the circuit connections either the socket or bulb have corrosion. Don’t forget to check reg plate and brake lights too.

  19. Claire

    What does ‘see manual’ mean when shows on the dash?

  20. Hi Claire
    It means that you need to take a look at the vehicle’s manual. Is there no other warning light?

  21. Kevin

    Hi there’s a red circle light flashing in between the two small clocked above the miles meter display what does this meen please

  22. Hi Kevin,
    I think you might be referring to the immobiliser light. It should flash when the immobilizer is active and go off when the key is registered with the immobiliser system.

  23. Mr C Dean

    How to reset spanner warning light in orange. Recently serviced!

  24. Pat Smith

    Hi,I have ared light comes on after driving a few miles with a bleep ,followed a cog sign appearing and the word’s engine malfunction.Help!

  25. Hi Pat,
    The cog light represents the powertrain, which also means being as the powertrain light is generic, it could be a lot of things. The only thing to do is to have diagnostic and scan for fault codes. If the powertrain light begins flashing, have the Transit looked at right away.

  26. Buddy

    2020 Ford Transit 250 29000 miles on it. I had the wrench and engine symbols come on the other day and it went into limp mode. Cut the truck off and gave it a few minutes and started it back up and it did it again. Did the same thing again and the wrench light went off and it drove just fine. I got it to my shop and hooked it to the computer and saying trans shift solenoid is bad. If we change it will it affect the warranty??? Why would it go bad so soon if this is the problem???

  27. Hi Buddy,
    If it’s under warranty, personally I would let the dealer sort it out, it’ll be done for free, plus you’ll have no problems with the warranty.

  28. Guy

    G’day I’ve got a 2002 automatic. The auto light flashes on and it reduces power. What do I need to do please?

  29. Hi Guy,
    Usually with transmission problems, the first thing to check is the fluid quality and levels. If that’s not the issue, you’ll need diagnostic tools to scan for fault codes.

  30. Joseph McGregor

    Where can I see alll lights and symbols shown on my Grand Tourney Connect and their meanings , a strange one has appeared just lower right side on the speedometer dial. It is not shown in the small booklet which came with the vehicle . It its orange coloured and looks like a couple of arrows on a water surface.

  31. Hi Joseph,
    Strange one. Is the water represented as a wavy line? Wavy lines typically represent fluid; water, oil, DPF fluid, so I would check all of those.

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