No Stopping and No Waiting Road Signs

No stopping (Clearway) and no waiting signs are regulatory order road signs. Due to their regulation similarity, it can be a little confusing in determining exactly what each sign means.

So what is the difference between the no stopping and no waiting road signs? Generally, the no stopping sign means just that – it is a prohibition to stop your vehicle at any time, unless there are times displayed where it is legal to do so.

No waiting signs allow a motorist to stop – to drop off or pick up a passenger for example. Any longer period of time can be defined as waiting and is therefore a prohibition.

Clearway, or no stopping signs do not always have road markings to accompany them such as on a rural road for example. A Clearway sign indicating a 24 hour no stopping restriction may or may not have words accompanying the sign on the same plate or a separate white plate.

No waiting sign with a single yellow line
Single yellow line with time plate sign waiting restrictions in force between 8am – 6pm every day of the week
No waiting sign with single yellow line

The regulatory no waiting sign is often used to accompany a single yellow line. You are permitted to wait and park on a single yellow line outside of the hours or times of year specified on the accompanying time plate. See single yellow lines for further information on applicable laws.


No waiting sign with a double yellow line
Double yellow line with time plate sign waiting restrictions in force 1 May to 30 Sept at any time. Waiting restrictions that apply for a shorter period or for only part of the day or week are indicated by a single yellow line.
No waiting sign with double yellow line

A double yellow line signifies to motorists no waiting at any time. Where the “at any time” restriction applies for only part of the year, for example at a holiday resort during the summer months and is for at least four consecutive months, double yellow lines are used with plates giving the dates that the restrictions apply. See double yellow lines for further information on applicable laws.


Red route no stopping
Red route double red lines means no stopping at any time, even to drop off or pick up passengers.
Red route no stopping single line
Red route single red lines have restricted stopping times that are displayed on the sign adjacent to the line.
No stopping (Clearway) sign on double and single red lines

The no stopping (Clearway) sign tells drivers that they must not stop, even momentarily to pick up or let out a passenger. It is a prohibition to stop at any time on double red lines and is only permitted on single red lines outside of operational hours displayed on the time plate.

Number plate recognition cameras are often used in such areas with red road lines also known as Red Routes, where a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued to motorists stopping in prohibited areas.

Other locations where a Clearway no stopping sign may be found is at special yellow zig zag road markings found outside of schools.

Penalties and fines

Penalties and fines are dependent on the location and the governing body responsible for issuing the penalty or fine. Within towns and cities, local councils are responsible for upholding the law for motorists who stop or park in prohibited areas. Although fines are typically high, no penalty points are issued. Notices issued by the police on the other hand will often involve a fine and three penalty points, and in more severe circumstances, a Notice of Intended Prosecution can be issued.

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  2. Michael Cook

    I stopped in Millennium Way, London, outside North Greenwich station and dropped off my granddaughter who was going back to her university.
    I was stopped for no longer than 45 seconds. I received a ticket for stopping stating there are signs instructing drivers No Stopping At Any Time. There is a single yellow line where I stopped. A camera takes pictures of vehicles contravening the signs.
    My question is; 1. The Single Yellow line, according to the Highway Code, indicates stopping IS allowed for short times.
    And, 2. The signs are, in my opinion, too small at just 10″x8″.
    Under these circumstances, is this a Lawful traffic offence?
    Thank you for any answers.

  3. Hi Michael,
    In terms of the single yellow line, you’re right, you can drop off and pick up passengers, just as you can double yellow lines. It’s the no stopping at any time sign (clearway) that prohibits you from stopping. The smaller signs are typically repeaters used to back up main signs along the route.

  4. Barry

    Private road no stopping two yellow lines I stopped to answere my phone I was to meet some one at McDonald’s Donald’s car park it was full he only had five minutes left so I stopped saw him and a car came out of the car park two minutes I was stopped with my blue badge in window now I am being told I have to go to court or pay up

  5. Hi Barry,
    You say this is a private road? If the road is private, then rather than a fine, it’s an invoice that they’re requesting you pay for breaching their terms and conditions. You could just pay it, or choose to ignore it. Ignoring it may result in them taking you to court, or they may end up dropping it. If you feel the signage wasn’t clear regarding the no stopping, this might go in your favour in court, though you would need photographic evidence.

  6. I am still receiving letters telling me to pay set up a direct debit pay so much a week I have photos off trucks parking on the same road opposit me waiting to fuelling up yet they never sent me a photograph off the trucks stopping on the same road yellow lines where broken too been dug up and not repainted manager Mc Donald’s told me causing him a lot of trouble yet nothing done

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