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Driving offences and car insurance

The effects of a driving offence is often hit hardest on car insurance. What can seem a relatively minor offence can significantly increase the cost of a car insurance policy.

If you have been convicted of a driving offence, it is important to contact your insurance provider and update them on the situation. This will of course immediately increase the amount you need to pay, but if you fail to tell them and continue to use your vehicle on public roads, the chances are that if you're involved in an accident, your insurance will be void and the company may refuse to pay out.

Driving penalty notices

There are various types of penalty notices that an offender can receive, either at the roadside where the offence was committed, or through the post.

The most common type being a Fixed Penalty Notice which often has penalty points associated with the offence, or a non-endorsable penalty notice which has none.

The registered owner of a vehicle may also receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution through the post or a verbal warning that prosecution is being considered at the scene of the offence.



Driving offences

Many drivers commit driving offences frequently without even realising. Driving over the speed limit being a perfect example. There are of course then the motoring offences that are committed intentionally.

Most driving offences come with a fine and penalty points that are placed onto the offenders driving licence in which up to 12 are permitted. Exceeding 12 penalty points requires that you surrender your licence until points expire and fall back to 12 or under.

The punishment of a driving offence is related to the type of offence and to the individuals circumstances.

A driving offence can result from a few penalty points on a driving licence, a fine and penalty points, community service or even possible jail. A custodial sentence is often the result of repeat offenders or an offence that has a significant danger and recklessness associated with it.

Although some driving offences carry a fixed penalty, others are down to the discretion of the judge if the case goes to court. This section explains the various driving offences along with the fixed penalty charges or the likely penalty imposed by a judge.