Birmingham Driving Test Centres

Birmingham Driving Test Centres are located in busy city roads, much of which is involved during the driving test. A certain amount of the driving test is also likely to be driving around small residential roads.

These roads are challenging due to road constraint widths and approaching vehicles driving past parked vehicles (see passing parked cars) and from closed junctions. Good control of the car whilst looking ahead for areas to pull over to give way are essential.

High speed primary route ‘A’ roads are highly likely to feature as part of the test. Some of these roads may include the A435, A34, A45, A452 and A4041. A good judgement of speed whilst entering such roads is important. Rural roads may also play a part from certain Birmingham Test Centres (see country road driving). These roads can be demanding due to their high speed, narrow widths and bend negotiation.

One in four of the driving test manoeuvres will need to be accomplished successfully on the test and a 1-in-3 chance of the emergency stop being requested. 20 minutes of test time will be reserved for the independent driving.

Driving test centres in Birmingham

Below are details for all practical driving test centres in Birmingham, West Midlands.

  • Birmingham (Garretts Green) Driving Test Centre Address

    Granby Avenue
    Garretts Green 

    West Midlands

    B33 0TJ

  • Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available. A car park is available at the test centre
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Motorcycle Module 1, Motorcycle Module 2, Lorries, large vehicles and buses, Car and trailers
  • Further Information: Garretts Green Driving Test Centre
  • Kings Heath (Cocks Moors Woods) Driving Test Centre

    Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre
    The Lodge
    S. King’s Heath
    B14 6ER

  • Test Centre Details:  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Access to the test centre site for practice is not permitted.
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car
  • Further Information: Kings Heath (Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre) Driving Test Centre

  • Birmingham (Kings Heath) Driving Test Centre Address

    955 Alcester Road South
    West Midlands

    B14 5JA

  • Test Centre Details:  No toilets are available within the test centre. Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. No car park is available at the test centre
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car
  • Further Information: Kings Heath Driving Test Centre

  • Birmingham (Kingstanding) Driving Test Centre Address

    205 Birdbrook Road

    West Midlands

    B44 9UL

  • Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available. Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. A car park is available at the test centre
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car
  • Further Information: Kingstanding Driving Test Centre
  • Birmingham (Shirley) Driving Test Centre Address

    401 Stratford Road

    West Midlands

    B90 4AA

  • Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available. Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. Public parking in driving test centre service road accessed via Union Road. Driving Test Centre is in Shirley (Solihull postcode B90) – there is also a 401 Stratford Road in Sparkhill (Birmingham Council area postcode N/K but possibly B11)
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi
  • Further Information: Shirley Driving Test Centre

  • Birmingham (South Yardley) Driving Test Centre Address

    Clay Lane
    South Yardley
    West Midlands

    B26 1EA

  • Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available. You can access the test centre in a wheelchair. A car park is available at this centre
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Approved driving instructor – part two, Approved driving instructor – part three
  • Further Information: South Yardley Driving Test Centre

  • Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) Driving Test Centre Address

    110 – 116 Boldmere Road
    Sutton Coldfield
    West Midlands

    B73 5UB

  • Test Centre Details:  Male only toilets available. Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. Car parking spaces are available at the test centre
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car
  • Further Information: Sutton Coldfield Driving Test Centre
  • Birmingham (The Pavilion) Driving Test Centre Address

    The Pavilion
    Moor Lane Sports Ground Uce
    Moor Lane
    West Midlands
    B6 7AA

  • Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets available. Practice on-site is not permitted. Please do not arrive for your test more than 10 minutes early.
  • Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car


Birmingham Driving Test Centres are located in busy areas, it may be of benefit to book your driving test in between the times of 10am and 4pm. This way you will miss out on rush hour traffic that can be problematic for learner drivers. Alternatively, some driving test centres offer test bookings on Saturdays. Driving test fees at the weekend are increased. Driving tests cannot be booked through the test centres directly. To book a driving test, there are 2 options; by phone or online.

Book a driving test by phone
The book a driving test section contains the DVSA telephone numbers for booking a practical driving test at Birmingham driving test centres by phone. This telephone number directs you to an automated test booking line, although if you browse the option you can talk to a assistant.

Book your driving test online
To book your driving test online for Birmingham Driving Test Centre, see the book a driving test section for all DVSA online test booking information.

Rescheduling or cancelling the driving test
3 working days notice is required to cancel the driving test at Birmingham if you require a full refund. The same conditions apply if you wish to reschedule. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done via the contact details above.


The driving test pass rates section contains many of the test pass rates for many of the UK practical driving test centres, possibly including all of the Birmingham Driving Test Centres.


Birmingham Driving Test Centre telephone number may be either located on this page or via the driving test centre contact numbers section. Practical tests cannot be booked via these numbers and should only be used to contact the test centre manager for any concerns or issues you may have regarding your test.


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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Kay

It will make much different if you could teach those horrible examiners to smile .I took my test twice and failed it because of those examiner they make a fun by giving you horrible look when they see you panicking instead of making you to calm down. If the examiner were friendly I could passed !!! they just give you face expression by looking at you miserably Iam going to fail you mother f**ker lol fact

 by AKS

had my test at Sutton Coldfield. the instructor was horrible middle aged bald white man. he said follow my instructions and then asked me to turn right into a one-way road trying to confuse me but I still looked ahead and turned the correct way ignoring his wrong direction. he failed me giving me a serious tick towards end of test saying I blocked someone's way although I was on my side waiting in my waiting spot - if I waited any further back it wouldn't have allowed me to turn once clear, I was in correct waiting place. he smirked failing me and said I kept getting lucky throughout the test but got a serious at end as if he was just waiting for a reason to fail me all along. so disappointed.

 by San

had a test last month at south yardley 5 minor and two serious for a first time i was not mad however went back today for another test and hand more then 10 minors which was ridiculous.. Dont think ill be visiting that place ever agaiiiiiiiiiiin.